New York Medical Marijuana Bill Alert

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  1. New York Medical Marijuana Bill Alert 04/01/03

    The Assembly Committee on Health will vote on A.5796,
    the medical marijuana bill, next Tuesday, April 8th,
    at their 1PM meeting. The meeting will be held in
    Room 822 of the Legislative Office Building in Albany.
    Supporters are encouraged to attend.

    Please visit:

    To send an e-mail to the members of the Assembly
    Committee on Health in support of A.5796, the medical
    marijauna bill. Also links, leading you to send
    letters to your Senator and Assembly member in support
    of above medical marijuana bill in general.

    Both very important actions - this bill has sat dead
    in this committee for at least the last 4 years - it
    looks like we have enough votes to pass it out of this
    committee - please contact your Representatives as
    well as the Assembly Committee on Health. Than forward
    to everyone you know in NY! Thanks

    Let Doctors Decide - Not Politicians

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