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    Good. She sees the bigger picture of how legalization CAN improve the country. 
  2. So happy my state is getting on track. 
    -Trying to legalize recreational use, possession, private cultivation, and state-licensed sales for marijuana. 
    -Legally cultivate up to 6 plants and possess up to 2 ounces
    I'm happy. Even about the trying to sell it like alcohol in retail. 
  3. holy shit thatsd be so clutch but our states gov is so twisted and fucked up.i just lose hope just like th MMJ bill
  4. Yeah same.  I'd love to see this but let's face it, our state government is one of the most fucked up state governments around.
  5. Need some republican votes to hassle their reps..hell every NY resident.
  6. Last I read even if it passes NY would have the strictest MJ laws in the country,If I could find someone that wanted to buy my house I would split this state real quick,every law in this commie state always has to be the strictest,that assole in Albany has to go,come on really,if us new yorkers think this bill will pass, I dont think so,that buttstick in albany banned the big gulp MJ is goint to pass,yea right,
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    PLUS even if it does pass for medical use I am still screwed,I already spoke to my pain control center doctor and he said no way that stuff can cause psycosi,paranoia, and homicidal behavior,....I told him,,,doc if you paid money to learned that,then you better ask for it back because you got if that is the way most doctors in New York think then we are still fucked....The only way we stand half a chance is IF and thats a big IF it passes for recreatanial use!!!!
  8. It depends on weather NY will make more money from med marijuana than from incarseration. Because, we all know, it's all about the money aint it?
  9. You got that right!!!!!
  10. What I find absurd is that NY is supposed to be one of the liberal East Coast states towards drug policy, they decriminalized for possession in the 70's but yet NYC has the biggest arrests for Cannabis (more than 100K). How the fuck does this happen? It's stated that it's supposed to be civil but not a criminal act but yet they suffer from harsh offense? Seems very contradicting and the thing is, the people who have small amounts get treated harshly. 
    NY should get rid of the hypocrisy with NYPD officers looking for "bait" (stoners) to increase their paycheck, but first they need to eradicate prohibition so people don't have to deal with the paranoia, the torture, and the distraught. Medical use has many benefits especially Cannabis oil

    Maybe if it was legalized that the hospital will be able to use the Cannabis oil as another method to treat the cancer? Hmmmm....
    It sounds cliche as fuck but pharm. companies pushing for every state to say "Fuck them, we need them to use OUR product" and giving out ridicilous amounts of money through lobbying, which should be illegal as fuck.
    Its just like how the white house made this whole "Insider trading" thing illegal for like fuckin 2 weeks lol, and then passed a bill to make it legal again, like its blatanly obvious they are doing shit that the average person would go to fucking jail for and yet theres no problem at all.
    Shit is so corrupt its not even funny and people don't even really care about that so what do you expect yo lol. 
  12. Like some one else said,IT"S ALL ABOUT THE all goes to the highest bidder!!!!!!!!!!!
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    dude you need to read the illinois prop, no growing, only 33 qualifying conditions, that are along the lines of.
    Aids, HIV, Cancer, crons diseas, MultipleSclerosis. basically if you are not on your deathbed or very near it you do not have much of a chance. also, only going to be 66 dispensaries in THE WHOLE state. so for most of us we will be making a long drive to score anything and it will be way overpriced. i would LOVE to hear something along the lines of 6 plants and/or 2 ounces!
  14. You can have a million research studys and all the proof in the world and every person in rthe US can vote to leglize but if it does not come with 55 gallion drums full of 100 dollar bills all the law makers are going to hear is BLA BLA bla bla
  15. That six plant / 2 ounce thing will never happen not in a million this........................
    ALBANY -- A "solid" 38 senators -- a clear majority -- back the legalization of medical marijuana in New York, a key senator claimed Tuesday.
    "We have the votes," declared Sen. Diane Savino (D-Staten Island) at a news conference attended by patients and nurses who advocate allowing those with debilitating or life-threatening conditions to use marijuana for medical purposes.
    The key, Savino said, is getting Senate co-leader Dean Skelos (R-Rockville Centre) to allow the 63-member Senate to vote on the issue. Most Senate Republicans remain opposed to medical marijuana; Skelos' office declined to comment.
    Supporters also have to persuade Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who reiterated his opposition Tuesday.
    "At this point, I do not support medical marijuana," the governor said. "I understand the benefits. It's the risks."
    Cuomo, separately, has advocated for decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana.
    As the second half of the 2013 legislative session kicked off, Savino, Assemb. Richard Gottfried (D-Manhattan) and advocates said they will make a major push to pass a medical marijuana bill before lawmakers adjourn June 20.
    They said they've crafted a bill based on the experiences of 19 other states that allow medical marijuana, while eliminating other states' mistakes.
    Under their bill, the state would allow medical use of marijuana under a doctor's supervision, for patients with cancer and other severe debilitating or life-threatening conditions.
    A practitioner licensed to prescribe controlled substances would have to certify that a patient should be treated with the medical use of marijuana. Growers and dispensers would be taxed. ___
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    The pharm companies are pushing out their product because they know that Cannabis will destroy their industry and put them into turmoil but that's why they've been extracting some properties and putting into pills such as Marinol but still that's artificial. The disadvantage is that the person has to deal with side effects or it will detriment their system. I also was going to say couldn't the pharma companies adapt but that will never happen. 
    By using lobbying with money, the GOV officials are easily persuaded instead of questioning their foolish tactics on why their products should be pushed but the GOV doesn't question anything in general so the only thing that talks to them if it's making them profit (Capitalist economy). But what about the people's live though? They both overlook the issues. 
    The government claims to care about you and your health but it seems to me, they're just saying that so people can easily feed into their bullshit. Only the ones that are aware pay attention while a blind ones will call you a loon for saying such a thing. 
    Always play devil's advocate.
    do you have an actually ink to the bill?

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