New York Legalization, It's coming!

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    Gov. Cuomo wants to treat hemp like other NY crops

    A step in the right direction, if I do say so myself!

    For those of you who do not want to read, the website basically states Cuomo is signing a bill to Legalize the growth and regulation of Hemp.

    As for Recreational Use; Gov. Cuomo “dramatic shift in public opinion” "Not yet convinced recreational use is right for NY state"

    Buffalo's political advisers and politicians are pushing for it as well.

    TLDR; All in all, after studying and following graphs for quite sometime, beginning to mid 2018 we'll have recreational legalization. Cheers!

    Some Facts: New Yorks Black Market pot dealing is right around 3 Billion Dollars per year. That's triple what Colorado made in Legal sales, their first year. (1.2 Billion)
  2. Is there high pressure on Cuomo from NYC's mafia? Is the mafia involved in cannabis importation? Just a speculation lol
  3. Probably. But the Mafia is actually run in different ways now, being part of a connected family, you tend to hear the ins and outs of what goes on.

    Mafia's don't work how people 'think' they work.

    The Mafia in one part of the country, control a certain percentage of the markets trade. Law Enforcement agencies in different parts of the country are owned by Italian families. The State may 'Think' they have control over the Police, but it's actually an agenda'd loophole, all those traffic tickets you pay ;) a percentage goes straight to that connected family. This infrastructure was setup before the technological boom in the 90's.

    Anyway, yes, the Mafias of this country control everything. And lets get this straight, the Mafia has nothing to do with the Whitehouse.

    Mafias power lay in the Banks and Law Enforcements they control. Just a bit of an inside scoop.
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  4. so in other words- the more legal cannabis becomes the less the mafia have anything to do with it? sounds about right, bring on the decriminalization...
  5. as long as Cuomo is in office youll never see legalization, luckily hell be gone very soon
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  6. I want to agree with you, and I can tell he's changing his stance on this little by little.
  7. Not gonna happen for a long time

  8. Don't jynx my state!!! :GettingStoned:
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  9. i hope it becomes legal in new york... i was stoned in new york city multiple times 6 weeks ago.... it was fun
  10. I was born and raised in Syracuse. Moved to PA when 16.

    Ny is so backwards. ..also the gun laws blow too.
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  11. I live in buffalo so legal weed is just a stone throw away, but oh man would it be sweet! But it's hard to tell. Before reading this post if you would have asked me if Cuomo would ever legalize? I'd say no with no thought. But now when I say no, at least I'll give it a little thought lol
  12. Hemp is a whole different issue than legalizing marijuana (glad it's grown...there's a big patch grown nearby at Cornell U.)
    At the very very best with cuomo NY sadly would probably the 50th state to legalize if anything
    I've had to wait 47 years so far what's a couple more..... lol
  13. New York is already ahead of the curve. When more states in the New England area legalize NY will be next.
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  14. That would be awesome
    all I can do is cross my fingers
  15. You lucky people ! .... UK is still in the stone age ( no pun ;-D ) ... maybe in another 200 years hey :weed:
  16. Have you contacted your local MP's? Hit them up and tell them Cannabis prohibition breeds crime and is against human rights. If you can get pissed at the pub you should be able to have a joint.
  17. I totally agree with you , but they wont budge til they get full control for taxation purposes . You can drink yourself to death as long as you pay the VAT .
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  18. There's no stopping them from collecting tax revenue on cannabis. In Colorado where I live they have state and local taxes. One town here in Colorado (Pueblo) is now making enough tax revenue to send every local high school graduate to a local college on a scholarship. Unheard of in the USA. Even with tax I'm paying way less than on the black market. My last score was 10 grams of Cheese for $45 USD tax included.
  19. Well that's what i call progress . In the UK they don't what to legalize it as something you could possibly smoke and may start you smoking cigarettes . We have a nanny state , people are told what's good and what's bad for them . They actually commissioned a test to make one ounce of cannabis into chocolates . They said no one would buy a box of chocolates for £95 .... like WTF ..... for an ounce ? . Complete lack of vision.. here they could have slapped £60 tax on that and they would have sold like hot cakes

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