New York just decriminalized Marijuana use

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Sc00byD00bie, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. That is great news. :weed:
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  2. But you can still get a fine for it.....

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  3. Yeah it's not perfect. Even legalization comes with it's caveats. There's never going to be a perfect law even with legalization. But a fine is a lot better than going to jail, a criminal record, court, probation, etc.
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  4. Is a politician lookin out for the black market there? Prob figure they can make just as much $ ticketing blacks and Latinos than flooding the state even more with green and slappin a tax on it.
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  5. They just can't let go of their cash cow.

    "making possession of anything up to one to an ounce punishable by a max fine of $50. Possession of between one and two ounces will be punishable of a fine up to $200"
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  6. I was hoping they would go legal, particularly after Mass did. That would be so good for those in favor around the nation.
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    Ontop of that ppl getting a possession charge that may hurt them to find a job, rent a place, or get certain licenses like commercial or heavy equipment operating. Just another way to hold ppl down.
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  8. Thanks for your perverted opinion occifer weedy :cop:
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  10. Probably the same guys who are proponents of resisting arrest...

    How is that working out?

    You don't have to respect the law but you will be responsible for your own actions.
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