New York Governor Pushing For Stricter Gun Control

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  1. You all guessed it, amidst the recent waves of mass shootings New Yorks Governor Cuomo is pushing for stricter gun control laws in a state where gun control laws are already very strict. What exactly the Governor has in mind isn't clear yet but tomorrow he will be addressing the issue. What inside sources are telling CBS is that he is looking to place even more restrictions on assault weapons, which I don't at all agree with. Why not look into the clear mental health problem we face in America? But lets ignore the root problem and blame guns. He also plans on increasing penalties on anyone who commits a crime with a gun, which I completely agree with, and limiting the number of bullets in a magazine.

    EXCLUSIVE: Cuomo Close To Announcing Massive New Gun Control Laws « CBS New York

  2. That's funny coming from a state that has the strictest gun laws already.
  3. Unfortunately I live in the Shitcago suburbs and being as we have some of the most ridiculous gun laws in the country and you know how well that has worked out, I must wonder, How strict do the laws have to get and how high does crime have to soar before people admit that gun control is the problem, not the solution. Its like pouring gas on a fire because, hell, gas is a liquid...

  4. Over 500 people got whacked in the Windy City. You guys really got your shit together, don't you.
  5. So does Obama.

  6. So does the Justice League of America.
  7. The fact that people still believe a secret social organization founded over 200 years ago is still around and running the world, I find immensely entertaining. Is the Easter bunny, Santa, and God working with them too to take it all over?

    I've never heard him say anything about disarming the citizens. Show some proof of this statement, or are you another illuminati/NWO Alex Jones wannabe like the guy above you?
  8. Mental health is not an issue the government can combat.

    New York though it has the strictest gun control also has the highest gun violence.


    But in all seriousnes.

    End the war on drugs and you'll see a sharp decline in ALL violent.crimes.

    Lets start there
  9. Considering the recent wave of mass shootings comes from mentally ill people I'd say its mental health that's the problem, not guns. If guns were banned these crazy people will still find a way to commit mass murder. So lets nip this problem in the bud, which isn't the weapon itself but rather the person behind the weapon.

    Ending the war on drugs would have not stopped the Sandy Hook massacre, nor the Colorado massacre (both of them) and the rest.
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    yeah because the semi automatic weapons ban isnt somehow disarming people
  11. There hasn't been a recent wave of mass shootings. Just more publicization due to modern technology.

    Mass murders aren't happening any more or less.

    And it is very difficult to screen.for said illness without infringing on rights and misdiagnosing innocents.

    IMO the best way to stop mass shootings is to secure the unsafe areas.

    Allow teachers and deans to have guns.

  12. I don't subscribe to conspiracy theories, I stick in the realm of tangible evidence. When I say Obama I mean his administration which all falls back on him. Also last time I checked only the President can sign an executive order. So do a little research before you start talking shit next time.

    [ame=]1995 - AG Eric Holder: We Must 'Brainwash' People on Guns - YouTube[/ame]

    Executive orders and gun controls | Jamie Dupree Washington Insider
  13. Its actually realty surprizing how many "conspiracies" are.out in the open with tons of evidence and.people.still refute them as paranoid.

    George bush senior admitted they.are trying to establish a NWO on record in front of everyone.

    People just don't want to pay attention
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    I didn't say anything about signing executive order, so I'm not sure where you got that. I asked about what you said including Obama in a discussion about disarming. I've never heard him say he wanted to disarm the US, I wanted you to back up your claim. I understand how others in his administration may have different approaches and ideas about guns, but for clarity you should use the real person's name not just Obama, or at least say people in his administration. Just saying Obama is misleading and only incites anger towards him personally. He has not come from your guns, so saying he wants them is just wrong. And a video from 1995 certainly isn't enough to back up your original statement either. Secondly, I didn't "start talking shit" and I'm not sure where you got the idea I was. Your statement about Obama was so vague and unsupported I thought it possible that you were a conspiracy nut as well, but I asked if you were, I didn't call you one.

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