New york cultivating question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Business and Industry' started by TheIgor91, Feb 22, 2023.

  1. Hey so im new to the state and found out residents can grow 6 plants.
    Was wondering whats the requirements to get a job growing or start growing on a larger scale legally.
  2. Depends on the employer. Ask them.
  3. Growing cannabis for a company is equivalent to being a janitor, imo. I'm not knocking either profession but its a very tedious and monotonous job. Nothing like being a sole proprietor in the same industry

    And assuming I'm reading the law correctly - No it's not legal to grow recreational cannabis in NY right now.

    • Home Grow (Cultivation) permitted under the bill subject to possession limits in 18 months after first adult-use sales begin for adult recreational use and subject to regulations of the Medical Program. 3 mature plants and 3 immature plants for adults over 21. 6 mature plants and 6 immature plants maximum per household.
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