New Years UFO's

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  1. last night at exactly 12:00 i saw something ill never forget

    it was a clear sky and i had just given my girl a new years kiss, out of no where a fleet of vibrant red UFO's appeared, at first it was only 3 of them forming a huge triangle in the sky, id say a minute passed before 7 more appeared out of nothing. i shit you not that these things were teleporting and trading places
    i know what i saw was something out of this world, this morning i went online to see any news reports or anything and it actually turns out people saw these all up the northern california coast all the way up to oregon.
    i didnt have a camera on me but someone else happened to get it on video

    UFO New Years Eve 2013 [Video]

    these people saw it in oregon the same time i did im in the SF bay area!
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    Can't wait for skeptics to come in and argue this FACT

    UFOs and aliens exists and they come by teleporting through wormholes. They're here for resources and maybe power and control.
    The summarians had talked to them and since they left, modern society erupted with new inventions and industrialized the world. They gave us these technology in exchange for their secret visits. I feel something big coming
  3. Well, that's not really "Fact" is it?

    Cool video though, chances are they're going lights out when they disappear. Aliens are a bit far-fetched for me to fall into believing, but secret military vehicles, that's a little more believable.
  4. lmao are you serious
  5. 2013 end of world

    Omega369 :wave:
  6. i think you were just really stoned and saw some flares.
  7. Aren't you the demon guy? Your girl get possessed yet?
  8. So your one of those?
    The 'we are the only intelligent beings in the entire universe' people
    Proof have been there all along from summarian paintings and primitive cave paintings to the rennassaince era when many well known painters saw a massive influx of UFOs over their sky and painted it.

    You can say those are military aircrafts secretly using a disc shape, but how were there those UFOs in the sky before any airplanes were invented? So many proof, so little open minds. It is funny to say that in the trillions of galaxies, we are the only ones here. Lmao

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  9. I saw a ufo a couple of weeks ago.
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  10. So I guess Moses split the Red Sea and Pharoah's court magicians turned their staves into snakes, huh?

    Or are you picking and choosing what stuff from the historical record you choose to believe? ;)
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    That just makes you sound dumb. First of all, it was the Sea of Reeds and the it is possible for the wind to create an area of low tide (proven). look it up. second, The bible isn't historical record nor proof. Ask yourself why all these cave dwellers and ancient ancestors drew these weird nomadic beings with elongated heads and big eyes? They knew what people looked like. And it's not like someone just painted all of these to start a conspiracy on aliens. The proof is out there. Just takes an open eye and mind to see it.

    And if I choose historical record to 'believe' in something, that'll just make me like you. It's sad that people believe what they are taught and see in historical records. It's these very evidence and pictures that we Don't see in historical records. They are privy to closed records and privileged individuals to see.
    Why are there summarian sculptures that contain a human and a humanoid next to each other. What purpose would that be for but to inform us on their past. It's not like they decided to draw people with long skulls and spacesuits for fun. They didn't know what aliens were. They didn't see Paul or Star Trek. Jeez wake up. It's not like we are the only ones in the massive universe. Sorry for long rant, just hate to read a bullshit based on your historical teachings and beliefs. I take in every evidence and account to come to the conclusion that aliens are real. I don't just read history books that were handed to me by scholars and leaders, I use the power of information and research and common sense to come to my conclusion.
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  12. Exactly the response I expected. Especially ironic given one of your other recent posts:

    Your entire response to me is coming from your ego. I never said a damn thing about whether I believe in aliens or not, or what my opinion on them is. I just asked you a simple question, and you decided to put a bunch of words in my mouth.

    But I'll be dumb if you want me to be dumb ;) Just lose the superiority complex so we can have a fruitful discussion :wave:
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  14. You said aliens are too far fetched for you to BELIEVE. You just lost credibility right there.
  15. Aliens are real. It is statistically improbable to believe that they don't exist.

    I dunno if they are here yet, but I don't see how they COULDN'T be here.
  16. Using hot air like a hot air balloon. Made them before
  17. Exactly. It is statistically impossible for them not to exist. Life started on this planet by microbes and bacteria that crashes here to earth by meteors and asteroids. If life came on large rocks, where did that life come from? And if it happened here, it could happen elsewhere with the right temp and moisture.
    There's cause and effect. Our life is an effect of other life forms (proven without a doubt)
  18. Plus, we are water based life.

    It is possible there is carbon based life, etc etc.

    The possibilities are quite endless for other life forms.

  19. Exactly, words in my mouth. Because I never once said that :wave:

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