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New years resolotion

Discussion in 'General' started by h2xhardcore, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. What's ur New years resolotion/ goals
  2. Sitting here watching my gma die, no more smoking. Less pop, and take care of better myself (nutrition, ext).
  3. I need to quit fuckin' up in general.
  4. If I were you I would learn how to spell
  5. -.-...
  6. Stop these visions from flooding my mind. I see the future guys, and it ain't pretty.
  7. Communicate with my god
  8. Going to mexico for the first time in feb. plan on fucking 25 bitches dont give a fuuuuck
  9. Run first 5K since 2008
    Finish all current songs in progress
    Play more shows
    Eat healthier
    Go trail biking more (after winter)
    Try really hard to grow taller
    Wear paper towels as mittens and yell at neighbors

  10. Trying to grow won't make you grow ;)

    But the second thing sounds awesome :hello:
  11. Gain 20 lbs.


    Save money.


    Those will all be attempts during the next 365 days.
  12. become a famous actor
  13. smoke good


    smoke better
  14. jump some rope every day
    eat more veggies
    get laid
  15. Same with you c0rrupr
  16. Sound good
    I need to stop blazing as much
    Going to try the 420 rule
    Eat good
    Get bitches
    Save $$
  17. How u like jump rope? Pretty good cardio ?
  18. keep doing what im doing. lost 30lbs this month and if i pass this drug test i got a sweet ass job that pays pretty damn well for how easy it is. im also learning knew tricks with my balisong.
  19. Work harder at not being a sarcastic dick

    Put on 15 pounds of muscle to move up a weight class

    Work harder on my cardio; run a marathon

    Get my BJJ black belt. It'll be a year on March 1 that I've been a brown belt, so the possibility to move up is coming up fast!

    Find a mate to settle in with and stop playing the hook up game.

    And a GC resolution: I'm not gonna report anymore posts. I don't see the point anymore. Mods ban the posters with something interesting to say, yet the ones that continually break the rules stick around for far too long.

    I will accomplish every single one of these things :D
  20. start getting better grades in college, read more and go at least one year without being admitted to hospital.

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