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Discussion in 'General' started by Pot Geek, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. Heh, I was at a little party last night. I had my fair share of alco-ma-hol before midnight. But I was far from being totally trashed. Anyway, around 2:30AM or so, I smoked my first bowl of the new year. About 15 minutes later, I went into stoner revelation mode. I just couldn't organize my thoughts into speech, so I asked my friend if I could use his comptuer to type on, to organize my thoughts. It's amazing how much more smoothly my ADD-like brain can compose at a keyboard. Here are the results.


    What if all the time we spent thinking about fighting, instead we thaught about peace. :)

    ....Moreover, what is a video game, but an increseingly more advanced way to learn to fight each other. From Mario Brothers, even, it was about killing the goombas. Always about the killing. It seem like no one remembers the loving anymore.

    What I guess I'm really getting at is everything seems to be about how someone can be better then somebody else. What if we learned to care about each other instead of ourselves? I mean, like, if everyone started to do it at the same time. No one thought about themselves, only about the needs of those around them. Wouldn't that fix everything?

    Does it make sense that there's a parallel to that previous question and the question I started this essay with? If we started working toward real peace, we'd be working to help one another. Why is this such a hard concept for other humans to grasp??? The study of learning to help one another is the study of learning about one another as well.

    It happens by accident, you see. The learning about one another. By service to each other, you learn the likes and dislikes of other people and, if you pay attention, you'll see that people, overall, really arn't all that different.

    Oh, my, now I just understood a way that my message could be misinterpreted. You may think that I'm saying that everyone is the same. What I'm really saying is that we all, in the end, have the same goals. Namely: survival (and, perhaps procreation{but not for me}). Why don't we work on helping each other, instead of grabbing everything we can for ourselves? What if, just what if, we all did it at once?

    The true study of peace is the study of helping one another. World peace is simple really: everone decides all at once to help someone else.
  2. i like it man. i really do. thats good stuff in there.

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