New Year's Eve police stories

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  1. Alright, so New Years Eve was my first time getting busted by the police. Heres a little background on my situation: me and about 5 other people are having a small get together at my moms apartment while she's gone for the week. There was a little bit of alcohol and weed, plus some illegal fireworks that my friend brought for some reason. I couldn't keep control over things, and we ended up smoking until the place completely reeked.

    So it's about 1:30 am, everyone had left besides my friend who was crashing for the night. We get a knock, I look through the hole and see the officers. I hid as much as possible before answering it. Turns out one of the people upstairs filed a noise complaint (ironically enough, it was because we had the tv on too loud after everyone else left). The officers immediately said they got the strong smell of marijuana, and say they have probable cause to search the apartment. I was too stoned to really give a fuck at this point, so I let them in and answer their questions as politely as possible. The chick cop yells WHERE'S THE POT? like we were on an episode of cops. I give them the medicine bottle with the rest of our stash and my friend hands over his pipe. After further questioning and explanation of the possible penalties, they tell us to dump the weed down the sink and smash the pipe. Then they tell us it was a warning and not to fuck up, and are gone. Me and my buddy look at each other and ask ourselves if that just really happened, then end up crashing. My guess is they realized they could be out busting drunk drivers instead of worrying about a few stoners watching movies and eating pizza lol.

    My town has the chilliest police and we got away with illegal possession, underage drinking, and illegal fireworks.
  2. You should not have even answered the door, man... Certainly should not have given them consent to search.
  3. this new year was a lot better than my last..

    last year i got arrested and hit with 5 d felonies on new year.. well it wasnt new year yet.. it was about 4 hours till.
  4. I dont have a police story...but my friend was super drunk and kept saying the word Niggha with a strong ER....

    Well he didn't realize thier was a black man present...Long story short...
    My friend has Two black eyes, a chipped tooth and a Huge Lip!!!
  5. your friend or the black guy?


    i can say it.. im black :cool:
  6. The cops went to my house looking for me on the New Year's Eve. Turns out I was the wrong person. They were looking for some girl who had robbed a house with my same last name. I understand mistakes happen but come on!

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