New Year, New Grow! Indica in the Closet

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  1. Hey dudes. With a whole host of problems with every plant prior to this, I'm still remaining hopeful for this little plant. With enough love and care, Maybe I can finally yield some tasty fruit.

    Anyway, basics of my setup are pretty small-scale:
    ~ 1' x 1' x 2.5' wooden box (that needs to be painted white)
    3x 5600k CFL's, each 23w actual, with a sheisty DIY reflector
    120mm computer fan as an exhaust fan, with a passive intake.
    and currently 18/6 light cycle.

    The seed was germinated and planted on Dec 30th, and my great New Years day gift was finding it sprouted. It's only up from here :eek:

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  2. subbed, i love watching these grow up. Indica's are soo cute
  3. Day 2 of 18/6

    Now we're on a roll. It's only day two and the first leaves are coming in pretty strong. With the way I'm planning it, this plant shouldn't get nearly as much time in veg as the other few plants I've had. I want to do like 3weeks of veg and flip it to 12/12 while it's still relatively short. Though they hadn't maxed out the growbox, the other plants I've had have all been larger than I would have liked. I'm planning some mild LST as well; just the main stem routed across the diameter of the transplant pot. Hopefully that keeps it fairly even and bushy.

    Grow plant, grow!

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  4. Day 5 of 18/6

    Grow plant, grow! It's definitely getting bigger, and so far everything seems to be going okay. It's been varying distances from the lights, but what I thought might have been too close turned out to be just fine, so it's sitting about 5 or 6 inches from each of the 3 lights.

    I've been watering whenever it gets dry, and I'm hoping to start nutes sooner than later to help this one explode with growth! When is the best time to start, like a week after it sprouts? Two weeks? I'm only planning to veg this thing for 4weeks at the longest.

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  5. Start nutes when the cotyledons(sprout leaves) fall off.
  6. Day 12 of 18/6

    I'd be willing to bet that this plant hasn't been getting enough water. The first picture is from is from day 9, and I feel like it should be growing faster in this early stage. But whatever. The leaves look very barely yellow, but not enough to raise alarm over (yet, anyway).

    I replanted it in the larger pot that fits in my cabinet, and gave it it's first dose of FF GrowBig nutes, at 1/2tsp/gal (like it says for seedlings). I'm definitely not going to be eyeballing it again after what happened not once, but twice with the last plant.

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  7. I had a grow of an indica and at around 10 days it looked exactly like that. So don't worry it looks perfect
  8. im doing the same thing with my new sativa plant! which i got from a few seeds that fell of my big mother from my summer grow. very interested to see the difference in growth. subbed and good luck!
  9. good luck. hope you get a nice crop brotha.
  10. Day 14 of 20/4

    Thanks guys; I'm sure I'll need the luck :eek:

    As you could infer from the heading, I've lengthened the plant's "day" a little bit longer. I don't want to go full 24/7 because I like the plant to have a little bit of stretch time, as well as cool down the box.

    It looks good though. The plant seems small for 2weeks, but it's just under 3 CFLs, so it's obviously not the sun. I'm guessing a little bit of shock from the transplant too, but that's okay. The whole thing is still a little too yellow for my liking, but hopefully that too will improve with age. We shall see!

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  11. That looks decent for 2 weeks. I see your cotyledons yellowing so your plant is leaving the baby phase and hopefully explodes with growth soon. Your roots are nice and developed :D
  12. will you be LSTing?
  13. Looks a lot better than my babies at the moment, Subbed.
  14. Woo people are watching! Yeah, I'll be LSTing a little bit. It won't be a crazy spiral all the way around the pot, but maybe across the diameter or something small just to keep it under control.
  15. I'm working with essentially the same setup, except I got a few 26w 6500ks and miracle grow (unfortunatly). So Ill deffinatly be keepin an eye on yours ;)
  16. Yeah Creeper, I looked at your thread and your lot doesn't seem to be doing so well. Is it just regular MG soil?
    Since I didn't mention it, I'm actually using a MG Organic soil myself, and have been for the past few grows. I had great success the first time, and a general success for the next several times. All the plants died from various other reasons though; male, bagseed neglect, male again, severe nute burn. Maybe it's just me, but I don't seem to have a problem with it so far.

    Also, here's a picture I didn't feel like posting yesterday (Day 16)

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  17. Yeah it was just straight up MG. But I think I solved the nute burn issue and theyre lookin a lot better
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    Hey man, nice little grow you got going on.

    Don't worry about the pace in which the plant is growing at right now. Your plant is right where it needs to be for how old she is. It is busy spending energy setting up a root mass right now. Once your plant feels well rooted, then you will start seeing more explosive growth. I would say around week 3-4, you will start noticing much faster growth.

    Just my 2 pennies. Have a good day.
  19. Well put Alter Eg0. When all I'm doing is sitting on GC looking at everyone else's micro grow, I can't help but compare mine to how any other plant is growing at this time. But I'm not worried. As long as it looks healthy, that's fine by me.

    Also, stand by for picture update a little later!
  20. Okay more like a lot later.

    Plant is fine and dandy; looks like there's definitely some noticeable growth. Unfortunately I also notice some browning on the very tips of the leaves. It's the first set of leaves, so they won't be incredibly important down the line? The newest growth seems to be doing fine. It's the same lighter shade of green this plant has been so far.

    On a more technical note, I'm considering replacing the power adaptor for the computer fan I have in the box. Currently I have this fan connected to a 12vDC 0.5a plug. If I want the fan to go a little faster for better circulation, I would want an adaptor with more amperage...right...? I tried refreshing my knowledge on electricity, but I'd like to confirm.

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