new year, new babies

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  1. 4 weeks old. A mix of White Russian, Blueberry, and some Jack Horror. I will be seperating them soon into thier own rooms.

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  2. sick babies. I am determined to bring them back from the dead. Will post updates as they flourish! (optimism is all they have going right now).

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  3. Looking healthy

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  4. am experimenting. Will be transplanting all in about a week and triggering only half. The other half will veg for another week or two. Just curious what kind of difference I will get with size and quantity depending on the trigger times and size of the plants. Will post weekly.
  5. currently they are under a 400 HPS but will be moving to thier newly finished room where they will have 1000 MH per 6 plants. A little overkill but I have em so why not use em.
  6. if you're moving them are planning on flowering them under the 1000 w MH?....Peace out...Sid
  7. Good looking plants.. Let us know if you save the sick ones..
  8. There is no "if"! I will save them. I shall save them all!!! Boohahahahahaha!!!! Alright, lost it there for a minute.

    Had a very weird experience today. Wrong posting area but I am here and it is in my head still. Went to my local seed and feed company today to get some pots and soil and other related items. The owner, who I thought new I grew started stuttering when asking me what size of pots and what type of soil, and just out of the blue asked my if it was for hydroponic growing. Another co-owner came up just then and asked what it was all for and the first guy under his breath whispers, its for pot. It was at this point that I realized they were just grasping what all the shit I buy from them year after year was for. I also realized for the first time that these two straight looking, church going fellows were high as a kite! My wife and I had a great chuckle all the way to the car.I just made two new friends and got one helluva discount on all my stuff, now and forever more. Don't know why I am sharing this story. Just thought it was kinda wierd. lol.
  9. oh yeah, Sid... Yes I am going to flower them under 1000W MH 's. Let the budding begin...
  10. can you put the hps next to your 1000 and use them together? keep us posted..
  11. have you flowered under the MH before? do you find it, from the HPS?....any diffrence in yield?....Peace out...Sid
  12. I have flowered with MH instead of using the HPS. There is a bit of difference. I find the MH delivers tighter, denser buds. As far as quantity, I have not found too much difference. And to Swan, no I will not be putting the HPS with MH. Two different rooms. The MH's are in a new room completely. Just built specifically for the purpose of budding.
  13. hmmm most people would prefer the red spectrum as opposed to the blue for flowering, but hey if it works , smoke on....let me know how it goes!....Peace out.....Sid
  14. As I said in my earlier post I must be losing it. Your both right. I am confused. I have to quit smoking before I post things. Everything I said stays the same, just reverse the lights.
    HPS = MH and MH = HPS. Later all!!!

    P.S. the dying babies already are showing signs of recovery.
  15. now that makes more sense....i thought we were doing some experimenting there or something, and i thought , well i'd like to see how they turn out...!...good luck with the grow....Peace out...Sid
  16. well, lost four this morning. They looked good from the top but had no root systems forming so they were aborted. There are so new signs of green showing on some of the babies and some new leaf developement. Give them all another week and then I will remove the dead and dying leaves. Looks like they might make it after all.

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  17. pic 2

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  18. what happened??
  19. have you flused the pots...if not i'd suggest doing it to rid any fert still in the pots.....Peace out...Sid
  20. The sick ones were not from bugs or over fert or anyhting like that. They were "the forgotten ones". Left out, unattended for a week, no water, no spraying, no heat, crappy light. Basically the worst possible conditions available. Don't really need them just thought it would be a challenge to bring them back from the dead. Having fun, experimenting, and the challenge is a big part why I grow. Oh yeah, by the way, I am Mr. Green Genes. This was my original login but I forgot my password while I was away on vacation and when I got back I changed my e-mail address so I had some trouble getting my old login back. Sorry for the confusion.

    Later ALL

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