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Discussion in 'General' started by Spark It29, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Trying to make a new name right now. I'm thinking Cosmic _______ . I can not think of a noun for cosmic.
  2. Cosmic Thunder?
    Cosmic Cheese?
    Cosmic Centipede?
  3. Cosmic Thunder is pretty good.

    Right now I have the ideas of
    Cosmic Zebra
    Cosmic Rainbow
    Cosmic Wizard
  4. Cosmic starchild


    Cosmic brownies

    That's what I got
  5. CosmicPhantom
  6. Damn I was gonna say cosmic brownie, but you beat me to it. what about cosmic zombie (jesus)?

    Cosmic Lobster
    Cosmic nachos
    cosmic caterpillar
    cosmic koalas
    cosmic frolic
    cosmic chihuaha
  7. Cosmic Slayer
    Cosmic Death
    Cosmic Panther
    Cosmic Descent
    Cosmic Slaughter
    Cosmic Vendetta
    Cosmic Vengeance
    Cosmic Bong
  8. Cosmicsolarbang
  9. Cosmic F

    Like from Futurama
  10. Yew cry because I

    *in game(

    Yew cry because I Killed you.

    best troll name ever

  11. Nah man that only works in like Halo. Not even all shooters.

    I had a name that was U Make Me LuLz

  12. On that note… "I totally fucking"
  13. Am I the only one that thinks naming an Xbox is weird?
  14. Cosmic Unicorn Penis.
  15. OP, I saw you had cosmic zebra as one of your ideas.. Well, this just came to my mind: cosmic zebrafish
  16. Cosmic cuntage
  17. Cosmic Suicide
    Cosmic Homicide
  18. Asking strangers for a username is like asking strangers what's you're favorite ice creme... how the fuck are they going to know what you like?
    Had 3 xbox live names with no help at all and I like them all, just put it as something you like.

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