New Xbox Console Announced.

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  1. Looks so cool!!! Picking up one for sure.
  2. It looks awful. It's a bulky looking box. Bad marketing.
    And the Xbox One? Why would the name it that? Who comes up with these things?
    I could have thought of a hundred better names. I like the sound of Xbox "Revolution."
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    I think it seems like a lateral move. It's the same x-box with better graphics. I'm not complaining though. I only play games ont he xbox 360. My PS3 is my Blu-ray player. This will allow me to sell both my old consoles and update to just the one. Works for me.
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    PS4 looks better as of now. Microsoft made the console ugly and bulky, and they gave it a bad name.
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    Red Ring of Death though, what do you say to that Microsoft? 
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    I think this is where playstation and xbox are going to stop having any similarities whatsoever, i think playstation is in for a huge comeback and i think xbox is going to be cheaped out and overpriced, i could be wrong, i am an xbox supporter however playstation seems to wanna cater to the average gamer alot more then microsoft does.
    Maybe im wrong 
    It also bothers me to no end that the controller looks exactly the same, thats probably just me since i can imagine you can take your 360 controller and play xbox one with it, however if you CAN'T do that and they look the same that is so fucking weak. 
  7. If you wanna play competitive cod Xbox is the way to go. Cod ghost is looking pretty sick.
  8. I forgot that the New XBOX was being revealed today.  I heard the presentation was not very good.
    I've had enough of Microsoft personally.  I stuck with them throughout this generation but I'm done with them.  I'll have to really be blown away by the XBOX compared to the PS3.  As long as PS4 still gives free online gaming and XBOX continues to charge, then I'm choosing PS4.
  9. Personally, I thought the Xbox one's presentation was much
    better than the PS4's. Can't wait to see actual gameplay though at E3
  10. im not impressed....yet. wait till e3 to decide guys
  11. did yall hear it was the xbox staff that was cheering during the confrence not the press? lol
    Ill glady pay money for a subscription, instead of having the whole fiasco which was Sony's internet and security breaches.
  13. Id consider buying it if it has backwards compatibility with my old 360 games and is reasonably priced, but that's probably too much to ask. 
  14. The fucking only game they unveiled for it so far is fucking cod too, what a joke, get your shit together microsoft. Quantum whatever the fuck looks lame. 
    it doesn't have backwards compatibility.
    also, its shit.
  16. You can easily buy a PC right now that outperforms the PS4 and XBOX One. Not to mention you can steal games for free. Even if you pay, the are generally cheaper and with Steam, the community is good. Console gaming is a joke.
    I agree, if you do it right you can even hook up your tower to your big screen, you should just look how to do it correctly first cause i think you can fuck it up if you dont!
  18. Not overly impressed.  I don't need an XBOX to watch TV. 
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    Saw it, watched the announcement and all.
    Still gonna grab a PlayStation 4 I think.

    Xbox did some cool shit, but I don't think I'm ready to start talking and waving to my TV ... I personally do not believe that motion gaming will ever take over completely, but I may be old school.... Nah fuck that, I'm from the 90s I'm not even that old.

    The new shit looks like a brick, putting vents on top was kind of stupid of you ask me. Only cool thing is the TV tuner, and I don't really watch TV as much as I do movies and Netflix.

    Controller was nice, but kind of a step back IMO. the 360 sticks were ALMOST perfect, just had that busted ass battery pack on the back that got in the way, and always took AAs that always get stolen and passed around between remotes around the house. Still dont have a rechargeable pack built in? What the hell? I have headphones with rechargeable batteries. The fuck Microsoft? You got a deal with Duracell???

    It'll sell, but I think Imma grab a PS4 and all I've seen was the sticks (controller).
    19 days until e3... Hope Sony doesnt do a bunch of nonsense, and keeps it a pretty hardcore system as compared to the competition like in the last generation. I alwas felt like Nintendo and Microsoft made game consoles, while Sony made a home entertainment system that did everything.

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