new word for bong tokin'

Discussion in 'General' started by FelixTehCat, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Phelps Definition-

    phelps: to hit a bong hard like u have the lungs of an 8 time olympic champion.


    phelps it- as in, lets go phelps it.

    phelpsn' it- as in, we just finished phelpsn' it.

    hahahahaha im stoond
  2. lol I might use that next time man, thanks.:smoking:
  3. sounds pretty cool...but at the same time I dont think he really wants to be remembered by his bong toking abilities. if that word were to actually spread, it could possibly reach his future children and what not.

    I dunno just a thought.
  4. I bet Phelps can take some nasty big bong hits.
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    hes probably one of those guys who torches the bong and doesn't clear it before he passes it to you.

  6. you have so little confidince that it will be legalized by then.

    and as though every single news channel on the earth reporting it wouldn't make it back to his children. :rolleyes:

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