NEW Wiz Khalifa ft. Lil Wayne & Kid CuDi

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    Haha just Fuckin wit you.
    But For Real check out my shit. Im a rapper from dayton, ohio. 01 DYT (Prod. By JustNkredible).mp3 DYT (This ones on itunes) 01 Fuck Snapbacks.mp3 Fuck Snapbacks Rubberband Man.mp3 Rubbaband Man

    Check out my page here. Got a whole mixtape on there.
    King Crane | Dayton, OH | Hip Hop / Rap / Lyrical | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos | ReverbNation

    Got a whole new mixtape comin Sept 10 so more music will be being made.
    Smoke some bud and listen to my shit. Let me know what you think and sorry for the title lol :smoke:

  2. yo I'll produce a couple track for u
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    wow youre pretty much like one of those fake youtube vids that has a famous artists name in the title and some other random fools song playing huh..DA FUCK

    this is just like when a dealer says he got dank and you go get it and its SHWAG

    i like the first song but it needs more energy or something..kinda monotone?
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    Ive only been rappin for four months too so it will get better with the monotone and energy. im just figuring everything out right now. On the next mixtape im goin to put more work into it in sounding legit. this was just some stuff to get me started.
    but yea lol my bad about the title. i hate when people do that too but im just tryna help myself out. :smoke::smoke:

    and if ANYONES tried DMT listen to this and you will definitly reltate.
  5. lol yea show me what you got
  6. False advertising.
  7. yupppp
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  9. Nice music, you have any tips on how to get started?
  11. lol not really bro. im still tryna get started too. only been recording for about two months.
    Really the best thing is the internet. Facebook got me started. If your seriously trying to start a music career, just post your music everywhere possible.
    Sorry im not much help but good luck on trying to get started. :smoke:

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