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    Hey Everybody,
    I am using my first computer ever and have a few questions concerning being tracked. Is it possible for others outside my home to tap into what I am viewing on my computer? I was told an ip scrambler is one thing to look into but my question is this: when I google something or am on a website like grass city can that be tracked? The signal has to go through a tower first and after that it ges to a specific address right? Maybe I am paranoid but I don't trust government or corporations and everything is owned by either or. If anyone knows the best way to remain untracked please drop a line.... Peace:D
  2. You dont have to worry about the government or anyone tracking the use of sites like this. Accessing this site and other sites like this is perfectly legal. Use an alias though, dont put up ANY personal info on sites for account and you should be fine, and you dont need to worry about them tracking you unless you hack the CIA or something crazy like that
  3. If the government or an agency want to track you, they will, and there is NO way around it. However, just because you are on a website such as Grasscity, even if you say you smoke weed, which I do, doesn't mean they're going to look for you or anything like that. What would be the point? Sure, if you were a major, and I mean MAJOR trafficker then they MAY try and tack your IP, but since this isn't the case as far as I can tell, then there's no reason to worry.

    Believe me, anyone can be tracked, no matter how many proxies or hosts you go though.
  4. I pretty much agree with this, if they want to track you, they can, however, just being here, i would not worry about it too much, I would more worry about who can access your computer at home directly and track your history, so if you you are paranoid or are worried I would use the private or anoymous browsing session, in firefox, IE or chrome....


  5. As far as being tracked or watched by neighbors and such depends a lot on the way your network is setup (the way your pc talks to the rest of the world). If you are on wireless, you want to secure your connection at the very least (require a password) but you probably have that setup by default.

    Your connection doesn't go through "towers" really, the majority of data cabling is underground. And like you said, it's owned by a big corporation, virtually all of the infrastructure cabling in the US is or was owned by ATT.

    If you're concerned about keeping your browsing info confidential, look into a GOOD (probably not free) proxy service.
  6. Think of it like this, not to make fellow stoners more paranoid but the whole internet logs your ip and your traffic can be sniffed but if your not under any federal eyeball then don't worry about it because they are after people snooping around bomb sites on a regular basis. The government also needs the cooperation of your isp to find out who you are and with out a warrant the isp can't give out your information. You can use proxy servers or a chain of them if you want to go over board and they will have to contact every proxy you bounce through and get warrants and over sea proxy are even more of a bitch.
  7. Go here
    Look for a High-Anonymous Proxy/Server
    Enter it like so:

    Turn on config to Manual Proxy.

    Finding proxys/servers in Eastern Block countries and others that do not communicate well with the US is a better choice over the UK.
  8. Thank You All for your replies and all of your help. This chilled me way the fuk out so I can get back on my game!_! Peace:D
  9. If you still feel paranoid use it is a maintained free proxy list, you can use a different one each day if you wanted :hello:. :smoking:
  10. Welcome to the internet, you must be new here.

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