New WhiteWidow Grow!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by suspect, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. Check em out yall, nested in the middle of my WhiteRhino grow!
    they look sooooo damn good, dont ya think???

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  2. NICE!!!! Is each plant one bud or more? Nice for your 1st grow!
  3. +rep man,I just keep opening that beautiful pic.FUCK ME!! What camera is that? Edit; is that your HPS a flash or both?
  4. Suspect,

    Would you mind giving some detail as to how old and how tall they are....what type of training you used (if any), etc.

  5. they are 14" in height
    3 weeks into bud
    1 week veg, then induced flowering
    if theres already this much resin production, imagin how the finished product is gonna look!
    heres a couple more pics.

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  6. **drools all over keyboard**

    Nice grow my friend.. nice grow
  7. Holy crap man, think you have enough growing in that room? How many plants are there?
  8. theres only 11 WhiteWidow, I bought 12 & put 1 in veg room for mother plant
  9. great pics suspect +rep . peace, e :smoke:
  10. man those plants look so good its like a stoners wet dream.

    so they're only 4 weeks old are they?
  11. man thats alot, your running a grow op. good job
  12. why the new thread suspect?
  13. different strain, different thread.
  14. Can you please share what camera and flash you used on that pic.?
  15. Nice plants man! So you vegged 1 week from clippings or did you grow them from seed?

    Good job! :hello:
  16. from clipping he said he got 12 and kept 1 for a mother.
  17. DAMN man i didnt even notice

    shit dude, your doin big things... HELL YEAH

  18. thanx for clearing that up for me Andrew,
    my cam is a Kodak easyshare 6.1 megapixels
  19. Thank you,im just learning about cameras,is that just HPS light or a flash or both?
  20. both, after this grow is done Im upgrading to 10.0 megapixels or greater.

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