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  1. Cannabis Smoking App
    Please read on with the intent to realize this dream of mine, my only wish is that if you really do intend on undertaking this project, I would like to be involved with the aesthetic decisions of the app. I don't want to be paid for it, as money is not my aim. Also if possible I would like as many people to comment as possible so it gets recognized by grass city. They are a business, so they would hopefully be able to finance this app and would hopefully be able to use their store/other resources to improve the interface.
    Basically a weed smoking Facebook, that "pays" you meet up and to smoke free weed with other people and make good connections with people that you might never have dreamed of meeting. 
    Smoke Out
    Everybody knows that starting something new is often times difficult, and smoking weed is definitely one of those things if you have never had anyone else to enjoy it with. Along with that, there are also people who just don't like to smoke alone. Regardless of situation, this app could potentially increase the number of marijuana smokers per capita, greatly increase the public image of the average marijuana smoker, as well as be a very good tool for networking with fellow stoners. Oh yeah, and the more people who are sharing their weed with others means more weed smoking for everyone. Remember: "Sharing is caring!" In a way, it will bring the positive aspects of this forum to life. (Which also means that a larger percentage of your high ideas may come to life)
    With the app, I am currently planning to have a rating system, various other ranking systems, a point&prize system, and much much more provided the community enjoys using the app.
    Personally, I just think that it is time that the weed smoker becomes legitimized, and strengthening the community is the only way that will happen.
    Tell me what you think! All suggestions are welcomed!
    The app itself is called "Smoke Out"
    \nWith recent events unfolding such as marijuana becoming recreationally legal in Colorado, Washington, and Uruguay, it is obvious that the issue of "nation/worldwide marijuana legalization" is no longer a question of how, but of when. This means that this ripe market is almost ready to pick. 
    \n\nIn terms of "bulleted" requirements I would like to see the following:
    \n*Social Media type app where users can upload a profile picture along other pictures or videos, make posts, subscribe to other users posts/ feeds with user approval. There should also be a "Recent Tokers" list which shows people who you have recently smoked with and how many times with each individual. On the profile page, there should also be a total amount of "Smoke Outs" and "Matches"  made (described later). There should also be an "ignore" list that is basically like blocking one user from requesting to smoke with one another and also makes the users requests unknown to those who are blocked. Obviously only make the ignore list visible to the user only. This should be easily accessible so that users can feel safe when browsing.
    \n*After the initial sign up (create a username, password, were you referred? If so by whom, email & confirmation, and  $1 credit card fee so identity can be confirmed and you know you aren't walking into a set up) start out each user with a quick "interest and personality" type survey which will gauge each users interests. This will allow for better matches in the filtered search. I would make the survey about 20 questions for example: favorite cereal, how long have you been smoking, what kind of car would you drive, favorite TV show, how many states have you visited, favorite sport, ideal occupation, hobbies, left brain/ right brain stuff, spiritual vs religious, at least one question that will make people laugh like "If one tree is 10 feet tall and another tree is 10 feet small, which one is bigger?", "Are you a bowl, joint, blunt, vaporizer ?". The point is just to be able to put like minded people together, if so desired.  Make sure that the total question count is known so the user doesn't get bored easily right off the bat. This test will be used for a special type of smoke session, where the smokers will be paired up exclusively by the results of this test and will be given the opportunity to message each other back and forth and eventually smoke with one another.
    This will be in the form of a tab on the profile labeled, "Similar Smokers". The initial user will be made aware that these other users have similar interests based on their personality test. They will then be able to view the other profiles and see how far away or close they are (actual location not disclosed, just the radius or general location such as state if the user decides to put that information in his or her profile). By smoking with half of these "Similar Smokers", it will give a sizable "boost" to certain point awards (described later). Also, I feel like those who smoke with all of their counterparts should get a special 420 inspired ribbon on their profile page as well as when they post in forums. 
    \n*A tutorial should be included for new users (going over all the information mentioned here )
    \n*After the personality test, five easily identifiable buttons should be on their screen that say "Find a Bud" button (Search), "Let's Smoke" button (Start) (Don't put search or start on the actual button its just a basic descriptor), the profile button, the home button, and the shop button. The "Find a Bud" button will open up a search menu. The "Let's Smoke" button will lead one to  a scree split into two vertical panes: one that says "Smoke Out" and the other that says "Match". These distinctions will be important later on with the ranking, rating, and point&prize systems.
    \n*The "Let's Smoke" button is basically a request or invitation to start either a smoke out or match session. This button is always used by an individual who has marijuana to use. After clicking either smoke out or match, a new menu will pop up where he or she will input the amount of marijuana he or she has available in grams and input certain things like smoking utensils they may have at their disposal. The user should also be able to set a time frame in which he or she would like to start such as "in 30 minutes, in 2 hours, in 19 minutes, etc." from this menu. The clock starts ticking as soon as the request is made public, and the time frame can be extended at the discretion of the user.  The amount of potential smokers wanted should also be chosen here. For example, one user may have alot of marijuana to share and wants to smoke out multiple people, or a user may have alot of marijuana and wants to match several people. In a "Smoke Out" with multiple people, for each additional person wanted, more points will be awarded  (see below). After the time frame for arriving at the smoke session is over, the smoke out or match session will be deleted from the "Find a Bud" list.
    \n*The "Find a Bud" button is similar to a "search" button. If a user clicks this button.  All the possible smoking opportunities will be listed neatly, and will be categorized by smoke out or match, and by close to far away. (This will take the form of "Profile Pictures" sliding across the screen, with "translucent information bar" including a "5-Star Rating" composed of the average of all star-rating categories. The user will be able to filter the results as needed. Results will expire after the time frame set by the original user is over.
    \n**A smoke out means that one smoker will have marijuana to share with someone, and match means that both parties will agree to bring marijuana to share or "match" each other.
    \n* The "filtering system" will be available for all users who click the "Find a Bud" button so that they can find a good smoking match based on their preferences. The filter menu for smoke out and match will be very similar, but there will be a few differences. For smoke outs, the filter menu should include such options as smoking utensils (many people use bowls, smoke joints or blunts, use vaporizers, smoke bongs, etc.), and amount of people requested. For a match, the filter will also include the amount of marijuana the other party is offering to smoke as well as the different utensils. For both filters include the ability to input the radial distance preferred (obviously, your average smoker isn't going to fly from the USA to Europe just to smoke with someone... unless it was what the user wanted).
    \n*Include a GPS style "locator" that seamlessly lists individuals who are looking for a match or who are willing to "smoke others out" in/near your area. Give the user the ability to widen the radius of search if necessary (above). Don't ever make the exact locations of the individuals known to either party as that is creepy and will be sure to cause paranoia. The profile however, will give each user the ability to give certain personal information about themselves confidentially. It is of prime importance that security is kept up to the best shape, because paranoia is a very very real thing among some smokers.
    \n*Agreed match messaging system- So a user hits the "Let's Smoke" button and starts either a smoke out or a match session, and depending on which one he or she chooses, sets his or her preferences. Another user would click "Find a Bud", set their preferences, then select one of the smoke outs or match sessions he or she is interested in. A notification is then sent to the original user (one who clicked Let's Smoke) for he or she to review in the notifications tab of their profile (make the notification symbol a marijuana leaf that turns red, starts "sizzling", and has a number in it for every new notification, similar to the Facebook notification look). When clicking on the notification, the user can view the individual's profile before accepting (This is so the user can view the other user's ratings, comments, ranks, other accolades, pictures, videos, etc).  If they would like this person to join them, then the original user will hit "accept" on the notification. These two users will finally then be able to message each other directly and instantly so that the exact location of the desired smoking spot can be determined. They have free will to choose wherever they wish to meet. Multiple users may want to smoke with an individual for one reason or another so that means the user can get multiple notifications from one "Let's Smoke" request and select which other users he or she wishes to accept and invite. 
    \n*The users then meet and smoke, I am still debating on whether or not I would like to add in a "smoking game" part so that, while these two or more people are smoking, they have an ice breaker and can actually engage each other in meaningful conversation. I have seen some people become best friends forever after a single good long conversation fueled by cannabis. 
    \n*About two hours or so after the joy and merriment, the individual users will automatically be given another notification in which it directs the user to a menu where they are allowed to rate each other in terms of a thumbs up or thumbs down. They will also be able to comment here "anonymously" so that no feelings are hurt in the case that some harsh words are said. The "thumbs up or down" ratings will be located at the very top of the profile and the comments left by others will be located at the very bottom of the user's profile. You will only be able to rate other users once. One can comment once though every time there is a new smoke session with that individual. These will serve as a tool for people to decide whether or not they would feel comfortable smoking with this person. For example, if someone has an all thumbs up rating from 20 different people and has lots of good comments, maybe this person is pretty cool. However if the opposite is seen, maybe that particular individual isn't the person for you. 
    \n*Also along with the comment and rating, the user will be able to rank the other based on a few things like politeness, comfortability, chillness, fun-ness, and positivity. These rankings will also be posted on the profile of each individual. This can take the form of a "5 star" rating system, meaning that users can give a 0-5 star rating for each category. These values will be averaged so if one person gives a person a 4 star rating but another gives a 2 then the rating shown on the profile will be 3 stars for that particular characteristic. All of these rating systems will be dynamic, meaning they change in real time.
    \n*Points&Prizes- Points obtained thru the system will be compatible with an online store which will sell various merchandise like t-shirts, smoking utensils, etc. More points equals more opportunities to get free stuff (merchandise can also be bought with money) . The points are gained through many avenues. First off is with the choice of "Smoke Out" or "Match". Now, if someone is willing to "smoke you out" for FREE (which is the very definition of being smoked out) then it only makes sense for an individual to get more points for freely giving marijuana away. People need an incentive or they will never choose to freely share their marijuana in a Smoke Out. Lets say you get 100 points for a successful/completed "smoke out" you set up and 25 points for a "match" you set up and complete. A "Smoke Out" cannot be done with the same person twice in one day (well it can, but the users will not be able to redeem the points, because then they would be able to beat the system and get tons of free points). Those who participate (but don't set up) in either a Smoke Out or a Match will be given 25 points. Points will also be awarded for positive "thumbs ups" and points will be subtracted for every "thumbs down" (Ratings after the smoke out or match session has been completed). We will say +5 for a thumbs up and a -10 for thumbs down. Points will also be awarded based on "five star" ratings. The individual with the highest average "5-Star" rating in a certain category will be awarded 1500 points at the end of the year (Ending on 4/20). These averages will have to take into account the number of people who rate the individual. For example, if user 1 has a politeness rating of 5 stars and only 5 people rated them, as opposed to user 2 who has a 5 star rating with 100 people who have rated him or her: Obviously User 2 will get the 1500 points at the end of the year. To be considered for "5 star" rating awards a user must have a five star rating in that category, and must have been rated at least five times. These awards will be given on 4/20. There will also be a referral program. For every new account that signs up (the log in page will prompt those new to the app to say whether or not they found it out from a friend or not) from a referral, a user would get +125 points. Also, because the user can request multiple people to come to a particular "Smoke Out", for every additional person successfully smoked out in that session, the user who set up the "Smoke Out" will receive an additional +25 points per person. However, if the individual who starts the "Smoke Out" receives bad reviews (thumbs down, or a low star rating 0-2.5) from the other smokers the bonus will not count. This is so smokers will be more apt to make the session enjoyable and fun. Points will also be awarded for good content that is uploaded to the app on their profile. For example, if a picture is taken outside of a "Smoke Out" or "Match" session, then for every "Same" (similar to the like button) the user gets +1 point. For a "Doubt It" (similar to the dislike button), the user gets -1 point, but never go negative on the picture, unlike the user ratings (which is Thumbs up or Down). If a picture is taken during a smoke session however, then the picture will be posted to the profile of both users and points will benefit both people. To ensure that the picture is taken during a smoke session, it should be taken within the two hour window before receiving the notification to rate the other user. The individual with the most points at the end of every year (on 4/20) will receive a special background on their profile, as well as a free package full of cool merchandise. The background should be something that people are kind of jealous of so make it creative, maybe a starry night or a variety of cool scenes to be chosen from by the user. Lastly there should be  leader board for points. This will get people to be competitive so that they are more tempted to smoke with others and gain points. 
    \n*Also on the profile page, there should be a tab that leads to a "Forum" style page. (Which is why I really would like GrassCity to be involved, because I love their forum) Here, other users from around the world will be able to connect and discuss certain topics like Etiquette, High Ideas, Philosophy, Trending topics, How to make a Smoke Out/ Match better, etc . The individual users will be able to post threads under all topics, and other users will be able to comment on the particular thread. Those who start a thread will put a heading and will type out whatever they like. Also on the forums will be a topic that will be pinned down (it cannot move) at the very top titled: "User Suggestions". This will be a place where people can give their ideas on how to ease the app into its evolution and make it better for everyone. When one clicks on any topic such as "User Suggestions", the list of threads will show up. Next to each respective thread title, will be a "Same" or "Doubt It" and the amount of views and replies (like your standard forum). This is similar to the "like and dislike buttons" on various social media sites. "Same" will give give points on a graduated scale. For example, it will go by tens, if one thread gets ten "Sames" then the user will receive +1 for each like. If that same thread then reaches 20 "Sames" then the user will receive +2 for each (meaning a total of +40 points). For thirty "Sames" the user will recieve +3 (+90 points total for their thread). The "hottest threads" will be located near the top of each respective topic and will get higher and higher as they gain more likes (however they will never be able to be ahead of pinned threads, which will be posted by staff/myself). As for the "Doubt Its", for every ten "Doubt Its", it will take a week off the thread's life span. Threads will "expire" after 3 weeks of being posted, but the accumulated points will still exist for the user. So if one thread receives 10 "Doubt It's" in the first hour, the thread will only have two weeks to live and so forth. Lastly, with the "User Suggestion" topic, if a thread under this topic becomes so well liked by the community then there is a potential it will actually be used in the app. Users who have their idea turned into reality will get a special point bonus as well as certain other amenities to be described after the launch of the app.  
    \n*There will be a seasonal option that opens up one week before 4/20 and it will be called "The Ganja Games". Top 10-30 people go to the "Ganja Games" (Top 33 point holders !- Paid for and all ) The Ganja Games will be a series of "smoking events" and achievements in which only the most hardened and dedicated smoker would dare attempt. These range from aweek long smoke-a-thon, where users will have to smoke with one new person every day for the week to gain credit for the achievement to video-taping yourself doing something incredibly nice, altruistic, and caring for a random person. Kind of like the amazing race with three teams, each with 11 people on them. The top team who has completed all the challenges in the fastest amount of time would win an exclusive smoke out session financed by "Smoke Out" in which the users would get to smoke 4. 20 lbs with famous individuals like Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dog, Mac Miller, Tommy Chong, Cheech Marin, Willy Nelson, and many other smoking legends on 4/20 to celebrate their accomplishment.
    \n*Also, a sensitive scale that can be zero'd would be perfect for weighing marijuana in grams. The user could simply turn on the scale, place the amount of marijuana on the screen of the smart phone, and the pressure sensitive screen should be able to pick it up. This feature should always be accessible. This tab of the app could be called "Weighs Your Weed". This is vital for potential "Matches" so that even amounts of marijuana could be shared by both parties. 
    \n*On the profile portion there should also be a "Legalize It!" tab, which opens all sorts of facts and interactive materials to get people aware and ready to engage the community about the legitimacy of smoking marijuana. Marijuana is no longer an "illicit drug made by the devil to corrupt all of human kind" rather it is a life saving medicine. Also, hemp was an integral part of our evolution. Clothing, ropes, oils, cars, etc can all be made exclusively from hemp and marijuana. The point is to familiarize the community with the truth about cannabis and not to continue the fear tactics and lies that forced it into prohibition. While in this tab, a user should be able to click a button that says "Start Helping Today!". Upon clicking, a menu will prompt the user to put in an address so that an awareness sticker pack, as well as an "out reach" kit can be given for free, but the user will have to pay shipping & handling. On the "Legalize It!" page, there should be an area where individuals can donate money to the cause as well as other promotions, which may come up later in the development.
    \n*Rankings- These will be different titles given to a user after so many successful sessions. For example if someone reaches 100 sessions, they will be given the title The Chron-Don. After 200 sessions, the title becomes The Great Ganja. And Finally after 300 sessions, the user will become Canna-born, an individual born with the soul intent on getting aquatinted with Mary Jane, and so bent on smoking cannabis that nothing on this Earth could stop him or her. Each new title will come with a free gift, courtesy of Smoke Out.
    \n*As for aesthetics, the look should be cool and smooth. Something that really makes the user feel comfortable and safe. If this app looks sketchy, it will scream "police", and people will once again have to live in fear for a dumb reason like burning a harmless plant in the safety of their own home. As for a color scheme, I would like it if the default scheme was a smokey rasta (red, yellow, and green). Also as for the logo of the app, because the app is titled "Smoke Out", I want smoke to be incorporated into the main logo. What I am thinking is a joint that has Rasta colored smoke coming out of it.
    Also regge music should be in the background of the app so it just has one more thing to appeal to the senses.
    \nI have a million more ideas to improve this current model, if you want any clarification on this, or have the desire to make the app, please contact me on GrassCity Forum so I can be involved with how the app looks like! Peace to everyone!

  2. Oh, and I would also like to be involved with the Ganja Games. Meeting all those people has been a dream of mine so if you could be so kind as to allow me to be involved then that would be awesome.
  3. Sounds very interesting but unsafe lol

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  4. Yes but being paid is impractical. I would rather share free of charge, OR there should just be weed based social media. Because in always meeting chick's in the Internet. And smoking is a major turn off with them. If rather not waste my time flirting with some closed minded bimbo.
    sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.
  6. I was thinking more along the lines of guys pretending to be girls and robbery or a "Craigslist killer" type thing.

    Sounds like free weed if you have a gun

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    handguns ftw!
  8. I think its need to be paid somewhat (to weed out all the trolls and muti-accounters) and a strict system of banning people....
    And also there should be something (like a contract) where you tick a box saying we cannot be held responsible for what happen to you
    But as a overall idea, i think its not good idea to make this app if you live in a illegal area (but however they should create it for the people who live in countries/states where weed is legal or decriminalized) 
  9. Lets remember that weed is still federally illegal in the US and an app encouraging people to meet up and smoke illegal drugs would probably not be approved by Apple lol

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  10. Yes there are clearly some bugs with the system, however, I just wanted to get the concept out there. Also the app has to be paid so that there is at least some degree of accountability in the users. Having someone get robbed is definitely of prime concern, which is why the various rating systems are put in place. All I am saying is that smoking weed should be a communal thing, and there is a great strength in numbers. So the more people are connected, the faster that cannabis will be legalized. Also this app could be released everywhere, but only condoned in areas where cannabis is recreationally legal.
  11. I respect the thought you've put into this, but the App Store would never allow it, and really just seems unrealistic, sorry man.

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  12. I learned today that there's already something very similar to your concept on the App Store called Mass Roots hahaha it even lets you find members who are close to your location

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  13. Noble idea but it wouldn't work. What happened to meeting other stoners the good old fashioned way, through friends or work or mutual hobbies as you would any other friend. I certainly wouldn't want to meet up with complete strangers who now know that i have bud and where to find it without even having a shred of trust formed between us.. 
  14. Respect on how much thought you put into this idea, I can see you did look at every aspect that could possibly go wrong. You've tried to make ways around it but in all reality, we aren't in the pilgrim age anymore. The world is to dangerous these days for something like this to happen.
    But if you are insisting on at least a trail and error period, move to holland and make this app for people out there. You'll probably get more support.

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