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new website coming out

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cali_Toker, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. you me and my roomate and some other folks got a new website coming out soon. , should be open to the public within a few weeks be sure to check us out.
  2. Alright Ill be sure to check it out keep us updated on the progress...
  3. our ultimate goal is to have the site launch on 420 , that would just make perfect since. Its not yet known if we will meet that date or not though since 420 is on tuesday, just depends how much progress we can cram in over the weekend.
  4. wuts the site gonna be about? wut kind of content? forums? chat? etc?


  5. So when do I start? :D lol

    cool, be sure to keep us updated
  6. bookmarked for future reference
  7. You're not planning to have a shop are you? Because if you are you can't advertise about it here.

  8. He is not allowed to advrtise a website here unless you get specific approval from SJ..

    SJ hasn't given approval yet..
  9. ooooooooo u in trouble.
  10. the hempress: nope no shop, in fact im bout to set up my affliate program with grasscity right now to place your guys ad on our site. This site is in no way shape or form in compettition with, if anything we'd love to work along with grasscity , ive been on this forum for awhile know i wouldnt turn my back on this place :)

    Theres going to be alot of content, the site will have new relating to various topics ie: marijuana, sports , music ect ect. We will have a music section with interviews and articles on various up and coming music acts with samples of music to listen to. We defintally will have a forum, the forum has topics for everything including marijuana, movies, sports , video games ,art , food , ect ect.. . We will also be having contests monthly or or twice a month with free giveaways. We will also have a girls section which wont be up on when the site launches but when it is up it will be photos of various models we've had pose for the site. Just gonna be a all around chill site to spend somet ime when your bored. Hope to see yall there, ill keep yall posted on the launch date of the site. We are still aiming for 4/20 which is this tuesday
  11. oh hey i just read those other posts, my bad i didnt know i couldnt talk about my website here. Yall can remove the post if you want im not trying to cause any problems or anything.
  12. You should ask SJ's permission. I will leave the post for now..

    Let us know what SJ says!
  13. allright cool , lemme know how to get in contact with him and ill ask him if this post is ok. Sorry to stir up any problems or anything.

  14. Just go ahead and send him a pm (SJ stands for SuperJoint in case you didn't know). If for some reason he doesn't respond BH or someone can probly get ahold of him, or you could post something in general feedback maybe.
  15. If SJ doesn't get back to you in a day or so, let me know and i'll get in touch with him for ya!
  16. sounds gnar
  17. so was the deadline met?

  18. obviously not... if you visit the site, it still says Coming Soon :(

  19. Yea you got lots of work to do hehe.

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