New ways to make homemade bongs?

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  1. fruits and veggies or hot knives 

  2. I once made a homemade bong using the long metal tube from a candle lighter as the downstem.  It had a seam that ran the length of it so I wrapped in (do not do this) extremely high quality ultra water/fire proof electrical tape.  Then at the top I took my one hitter, slid it down the tube so that half of the one hitter stuck out and I crimped just below the one hitter on the metal tube with a needle nose pliers. Just get an o-ring from the hardware store that fits snug around your one hitter and you'll have a downstem and slide to incorporate into any water bottle bong.
  3. I'm just gonne leave this here...

  4. Idk if someone wrote this but here's the easiest cheapest KO utility. It's called a gravity bong. Take a clean milk jug, save the cap, and cut the bottom off as low as u can, but make sure it's cut all the way around 1/2" from the bottom. With the capoke a whole with a smallish screwdriver. Obtain a cheap down stem or make one with a tube such as a pen and a bowl(foil). Push you stem through your cap. Now find a big container 5gallon buckets are awesome, but it needs to be tOller than the milk jug. Fill the container with water. Pack your bowl in the cap. Drop the jug into the water container first, when it's almost full put the cap with the bowl on it. Hold the jug there. Use your lighter, and hold it over the tree and pull the jug up slow, the flame will burn the bowl, and the jug will thicken with smoke.ull till your bowls cached or just before you pull the jug completely out. Hold the milky jug still. Quickly remove the cap and fast put your mouth over the jug whole and inhale as the jug falls back into the water. Baddabing baddabing boom be carefull one hit will do ya! Or you can take a 2 liter soda bottle, make a bowl on the cap, then poke a pen size whole towards the bottom of the bottle. Use your finger to cover the whole, fill the bottle with water, when full screw on bowl cap. Light your lighter hold above your bowl then let the water out of the whole you'll notice the bowl will burn ass the water drains. Once the water is gone, take off the capital bottle to your mout, then squeeze and inhale as much as possible! Get high be safe!
  5. Honestly if you're looking for something to pass off as a "Roor" you're better off just saving up some cash and going to buy one at your LHS.
  6. Whats up
    This is my homemade glass bong/rig.  I made a shower head percolator out of an old film canister, and the rest of it is all glass apart from the rubber grommets and the elastic bands holding on the lid.
    I used glass drill bits to drill multiple holes in the glass.
    It smokes pretty damn good, a lot of bubbles are produced due to the many holes in the perc. 
    And its easy to take apart so its easy to clean. 
    Yet to use it as an oil rig, but works great as a bong and works sweet with my mflb. 
    What do you guys think? 

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  7. I made this from household items. Hits like a boss.

    Look up how to make a bong from a mason jar.
    I also easily made a gravity bong from half a two liter bottle and a twenty oz bottle and a socket

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