New ways to make homemade bongs?

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  1. Hey guys.  I don't have a piece available to me right now, and usually in this case I just make a bowl out of a soda can.
    Now we all (or most of us) know how to make a simple homemade bong with a water bottle or glass jar if you want to get fancy, but what else is there to make?
    I'm tired of my usual homemade shit.  Tell us some new ways to smoke, GC!  After all, a stoner becomes a craftsman when you give him weed and nothing to smoke it with.

  2. Got a drill? You can make a bowl from some scrap wood pretty easy. Just look around for objects that wont burn up in your house and see how they could be incorporated
  3. Looking more along the lines of something that could pass as a bootleg ROOR.
  4. Oof thats kinda stretching it but...maybe i could give you some ideas yea? 
    Try finding those things were you put flowers in, that should be a good body for it. Then find a metal pen and cube put those together. To make a hole in a glass vase is very difficult ((Tends to break on me)) But you can google ''how to make a hole in a glass vase'' or something around those lines. if you do manage to make a hole make sure it fits the metal pen piece. If you are putting water in the bottom try to seal up the edges of the hole somehow. Idk man but i hope i gave you some sort of ideas bro.  :bongin:
  5. Dude! do a knifer man. 

    Crank an oven burner, put two butter knives inbetween the coils. Rip of a small piece of dank(fairly small piece that fits between two knives) and throw it on a plate, cut out the bottom of some kind of jug or bottle, pull the knives from the coils, dab the bud off the plate with one knife, and when u put it under the jug, use the other knife and compress the bud with the 2 hot spots on the knives, and inhale bro. 

    Rips hard as hell, you will cough, and you get an extreme green taste in your mouth. If you haven't done this before, its a must, and you dont need to use much bud at all to try. 

    Trust me, at least attempt this if you havent.
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    Wat. That just sounds like, to much work just to smoke some weed...
    Usually theres nothing more than the basic homemade stuff. Its usually there if you have NOTHING or just starting to smoke. To me it sounds like you need to go out and get yourself some pieces for yourself! Go to your local headshop, they even have cheap stuff here!
  7. Its actually quite easy, and its a fun way to smoke once in a while.... you get a huge hit of green in your mouth man the smoke tastes amazing. try it
  8. Knife hits are the shit hence my sig lolSent from my ADR6350 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. Eh. Maybe if I can get out of this couch one day. I'll stick with my vape. Taste good enough for me!
  10. Haha damn I don't see a sig man 
  11. Hmmm my sig disappeared,it's back nowknives heated dull red release sweet smoky nectar I am lifted high
  12. I say find some beakers and some scientific equipment somewhere cheap. Id make like a filter so scientific it would separate all the shit that is dirty and only resinate the first beaker & keep the rest of the setup clean.
  13. This is the way to make the highest quality homemade bong. You can improvise if you can't get access to the components(you sound under 18, no offense)Get a glass slide and downstem from your headshop. It will come with a rubber grommet. It is not a g on g connection but it works fine. Buy a diamond drill bit from lowes or some other store. It costs around 20 but it's well worth it. Get the right size for your grommet. Buy any kind of glass jar or bottle. Jack Daniels works best in my opinion. You want a flat slanted part near the top to drill into and JD is perfect. I used a glass mtn dew bottle but it wasn't very good. You had to tilt it to get the downstem deeply submerged.Drill into it. MUST be a diamond bit or you will crack the bottle.Finally, put the grommet in the hole and slide in the downstem. You now have a all glass bong that will hit just as well as almost any glass tube(non percolated).Will cost around $30 total. Is it worth it? Yes if you can't go to a headshop and buy a piece. You can get a simple g on g bong for $50, and I would rather just do that, but you do get a super nice drillbit out of it, plus a bottle of JD that you have to drink. 😃Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    Here is what I did; I took a bottle of Hennessy and drilled a 1/2 inch diameter hole. Visited my LHS and bought a down stem and simple bowl. They popped right in and now I have a cool/unique bongSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  15. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391361398.990054.jpg Here it is Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    Made some epic pieces for free. Just make sure you cure correctly...may want to buy a slide but downstem and everything else made of bamboo.
    Bambongs are obviously the most fun, but basic rollers you can just do one cut and have a perfect one hitter with a bowl, with 5 mins of effort.
  17. it hits amazingly well

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  18. Plz dont take offense to this but..... If you dont have $15 to buy a pipe, then you got waaaayyyy bigger problems on your hand than that.
    But, if you really want a homeade one, you could buy a glass vase, for probably $5-10 bucks, then drill a hole in it and get a downstem at a head shop. Other than that you would just have to use the water bottle ish. 

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