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New way to smoke weed?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by weedaterian, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. I was wondering, If I blew my smoke into a balloon and then sucked in the balloon in and out will I be saving and using more smoke? Won't I be wasting less? Is this a good idea and is their enough THC in after smoke to get even more stoned? Sorry if this sound really stupid i'm really stoned right now!
  2. So you're asking if you can collect the exhaled smoke and "re-inhale it" in a way. This is how hotboxing works, theres still active chemicals in the exhaled smoke which gets "re-inhaled" causing people to get higher. If you find a way to collect the smoke then in theory you should be able to re-inhale it until all the smoke from the container is absorbed into the lungs. Although I believe like 95% of the THC is absorbed within the first second or two of inhalation, so the smoke you're "re-inhaling" isn't very high in THC content, thats why it takes a lot of smoke from hotboxing to feel higher (to make up for the lack of THC in the smoke).
  3. Great answer thank you u pretty summed it up their ok thank you and happy tokings!
  4. Blowing up an actual ballon after a huge rip with a lung full of smoke sounds like a good way to pass out man if you do try this with a ballon be carful!
  5. Hold a garbage bag closed with one hand and then exhale into it to collect the smoke.
  6. Second hand smoke isn't ideal given thc absorption by the lungs on initial inhale
    you will get a bad headrush if you use tobacco in your joints...
  7. I had this exact same question and asked a friend and he just laughed his ass off. I'm gonna ask my dumb ass questions on here now. :)
  8. I think it will be like 20 % thc in that and it wont get you HIGHER but do it if u want.
  9. I don't think inhaling anything out of a baloon is safe.
  10. not too good in a balloon for your lungs, surely.
  11. I've heard that you only get 25% of the THC the first time you inhale don't quote me though
  12. Seems to me you'd just be re-inhaling CO2, which could give you a headache.
  13. Great stuff![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  14. I'm thinking you'd pass out hahaha. And the strain on your lungs re-blowing up a balloon each time
  15. New homeless GC members be like...
  16. Everyday I log on GC and see some new way to smoke weed, you guys over think everything... Burn weed + Inhale Smoke = Get High. Simple :smoke:
  17. it works with whipped cream and such. if anything i dont see why it couldnt work, assuming some thc is still in the exhaled smoke.
  18. having done my fair share of inhaling things from a balloon id say its most likely safer then the other things i have inhaled.. your not goign to get a headache or pass out, maybe if you inhale and exhale the same thing like 30 times.

    i have tried this and it does work a little, its just a pain to do...
    i did this with a big punch balloon, tied it off and used it to catch a buzz several hours later. it works
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  19. Well I wouldn't call it new... just a bit gross, and a slightly wasteful way of trying to get more from your herb. :p




    (There are dozens of other threads with the same suggestion of using balloons and bags, I just don't have time to find and copy-paste them all. :p

    If getting the most potency from your herb is more important than enjoying the act of smoking, you may as well just switch to edible oil... good oil provides MUCH stronger, and longer-lasting effects, from less herb than you'd usually smoke. :)

    Or why not take smaller hits, and hold them in a bit longer? That's a better alternative to 'recycling' stale hit-air after you've already exhaled it, and allowed most of what little potency remains to cling to the walls of your balloon.

    What some doctors and technicians teach patients to do locally, with vaporizers, is to fill only 1/2 to 3/4 of their lungs with each hit, then 'top off' to about 90% capacity with fresh air ((if you inhale too close too 100% of your capacity, the elasticity of the lung/chest tissue makes it difficult to hold your breath)).... then you can exhale just the latter air, and continue inhaling fresh air for oxygen, without fully exhaling and releasing the vapor taken in first, allowing it to fully absorb.
    The patients are instructed to exhale most of the top air, until they see traces of vapor, then they inhale again, and repeat until little to no vapor escapes and then they can exhale completely and start a new hit. It's a technique used for getting the most inhaled medicine, into the systems of patients who really can't afford to waste their meds. Not something I'd really recommend doing with smoke, though....)

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