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New Way To Measure Marijuana.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by THEderz, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Hello Folks,

    I invented a new way to measure weed for when you don't have a scale. I was eating some pringle the other day and on the back it said a serving size is one ounce. I then learned that 16 chips is one serving size.

    Badda-Bing Badda-Boom. You hold 1 and a 1/4 pringle in one hand and then place marijuana on the other hand until balanced. Mcguyver right here.
  2. this obviously doesn't actually work. humans aren't sensitive enough to weight to be able to scale out a gram or whatever using our hands.
  3. /thread

  4. I wouldn't trust my hands to judge exactly if something was off by a few grams, but I had a friend who used to do something similar, I think I even talked about it on here once! :hello: I'll see if I can dredge up the post...... here it is, I knew I'd shared this story here at least once before, it's in a thread about using coins and a ruler in place of a scale;

    I thought last time was the first time I brought this up, but here's a post from 2010, too! :p

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  5. dam. that's funny as hell. "the chips never lie"
  6. I know that when people weigh out enough bags they can get damn close by "eyeballing" or feeling the weight of the bag, but 1 gram? You'd have to have some kind of 6th sense to pull that off.
  7. Back when I first started nobody around here used digital scales. What I found to work (or at least until everybody bought a digital one online) was this...
    1:Take a ruler and measure out a single, straight, and flat piece of whatever. It could even be the ruler if you didn't need it.
    2: Put some type of wedge or triangle in the middle, exactly halfway. Place the straight edge on top of it.
    3: Get, or make, two similar "trays" (something like two pringles lids)... just make sure they are identical. Then attach them to the ends of the straight edge making sure they are equal distance from the fulcrum.
    4: Now you should have what looks to be a McGuivered scale. Put your herb on one side, and then a weight on the other until it balances out.

    (Tip: I used US coins. They are cheap and easy to find, and you can find out the weight online for all them; and remember, the year on it does matter. Ex, a new dime weighs in at about 2.25 grams and a new nickle weighs in at just over 5 grams.)

  8. man just get a scale or get with another game

    if I go to the man house and shorty talkin about get a ruler some change and some chips I'm gone

  9. What do you care? your still getting paid
  10. you're right. That's why I eyeball it instead of weighing it in my hands
  11. ya this wont work

  12. :rolleyes: Didn't think I'd have to, but just to clarify for some people... the free balance system I described earlier isn't perfectly accurate of course and wouldn't be intended for that. What it does do is let you know if you got ripped off when you get back to your home after a pick up (and I don't mean .1 ripped, but shorted a gram or something).

    It would solve a lot of the new comers asking "HEy Guize~! First pickup and I'm not rAlly sure how much it is... will you look at THiz picture (with no reference) and gUEss? He said it was called super fluffy or something, lOlz!"

  13. I hope you're joking man...

    Look for Old Wilknott Scales on google, $20 gets you a scale with a 20 year warranty

    I've had mine for 5 years and its still perfectly accurate

  14. Sorry for so many posts in your thread hombre, after this I'm out, just had to clarify some...
    No, I'm not joking? There was a time where people still weighed things before digital scales. This method can be done with quite some accuracy.
    It's closest to the last one, but with both sides equally apart from the center. (So A = B)
    Perhaps you'll recognize this one:

    Anywho... thanks for the suggestion, I do like the warrenty, but I already have had a digital one for quite some time (as said before) plus mine looks like an iPod.
    Also, slightly off topic, I can usually reach into a jar and pull out dang near close to a gram pretty much every time. I've seen people who could probably eyeball and "feel it" better than my described "seesaw" system.

  15. I hope you were stoned when you thought of this.

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