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New way to get clean! Take about 12 hours to work

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Russian Roulett, Mar 26, 2006.

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  1. You will need 1-2 days for this to work.

    You will also need the following:
    -Azo standard 4 pills
    - Loads of water
    -don't smoke on the day you take the pills

    You take 4 pills on the begining of your day, you will feel a little queezy at first. Do not throw up, no matter what. Eat a bit, then go to drinking like you life depends on it. Drink a poland spring bottle and keep refilling it. I used 8 bottles of water and pissed about 20 times in the course of 5 hours. Your piss will turn dark brown, to bright red, to red, to bright orange, to light yellow, mellow yellow, then yellow, dark yellow, white/normal colour. I took the pills at 12:00 in the afternoon and I am clean at 11:41 at night. Eat meals throughout the day, and do not smoke at all throughout taking the pills. Once your piss is normal again, your clean until you smoke again. The Azo standard pills are the only one's that will work. They cost around 10-11 bucks max. I stole it, so whatever you do, get em. This is great for smoking on the weekends and need to detox without spending a shitload of money on detox kits. The Azo standard pills come with 28 pills, so you have a lot of chances to smoke and pass within the course of 1-2 days, and 2 days being the second you wake up, and piss, you'll be clean.

    Enjoy, and don't forget to toke it up mane!
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  2. Great method, I heard this does work. But come on man at least support the places that are selling the products that help you pass drug tests!!!
  3. :metal:

    agreed....where do i get these pills?
  4. Yeah I know, I don't like stealing, but I didn't have that much money to spend bro, I gotta save my money up when I go to dominican republic for spring break for weed, blunts, and ciggs and other shit, even thought the trip is all-inclusive meaning everything like food and drinks and booze is free, weed and ciggs and other shit isn't. KNow what I mean?
  5. Any drug store, cvs, shopright, stop and shop. They are OTC. They are meant for women bladder infection or something, but they flush the shit outta you bro.
  6. I cant help but be skeptical, have you passed a test with this method? And whats with the weird urine colors?
  7. They work my friend, just not to many know about it due to the sole purpose of it being for women's bladder. The urine colours are due to it's cleaning all of your urinary tract system and bladder to make it clean as a whistle. I know about 3 handfulls of people, who literally swear by this method. If you don't belive me use the search button on the beautiful site, and type in "azo standard" without the quotes.
  8. Azo's clean you urinary track. That's why the funny colors. I've taken just azo's for 5 days straight. one pill a day and passed clean on lab ua.
  9. If you want to be clean quick, take 4 pills 1-2 days before a test.

    edit: Thanks for the backup Blowbud4life, I just wanted to help our fellow tokers out there, know what I mean?
  10. Also, after you piss normal again (whitish/normal colour), you'll be clean until you smoke again, this is a permanent clean until you smoke or do drugs again ;)
  11. if this works, (i dont need to test it) then this should be a sticky. its very easy to follow even though im pretty baked. thanks for the post, i might use this in the future
  12. This was in other posts, I just came here to confirm it, except he used not so much pissing way, but if you want to clean out real quick trust me, my method works. Even blowbud4life said it works. It's literally that easy to do it, but it's a pain in the ass to piss so much, in one day.

    When you take the urine test, use the midstream of your urine, not the begining. Like 4 seconds into pissing.
  13. now if only there was a way to clean up my tolerance without quitting...
  14. quick question, just making sure. This works for heavy smokers (more than 3 times a day) who have been smoking for weeks or months on end, and it will still get you all the way clean in this amount of time? If so this is a major breakthrough in drug test passing. Are there any health hazards of taking the bladder pills? Anyways good post man.
  15. quick question: If THC is stored in fat. And one burns fat regulary, and the THC metablolites are processed and inserted in your piss, then how can cleaning your urinary tract stop the THC from metabolizing? I agree that this method would clean your system for possibly a day, however you would not be clean any other day.
  16. also... this different colored piss... doesn't hurt when it comes out right?
  17. sweet man ill save that shit for next time i need a test.
  18. No it doesnt hurt
  19. No your clean until you do drugs again bro, it flushes everything out of your urinary tract. and bladder and everything is clean
  20. i think if i saw red piss... id think there is a problem :/
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