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New way to detox?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CaliGrown., May 10, 2010.

  1. Well, after a 2 gram blunt packed with a gram of bubble hash, I came upon a theory.

    Would drinking alcohol over a long period of time (6-12 hrs), or consecutive days, help detox your body? THC is alcohol soluble, and alcohol makes you pee; wouldn't the alcohol enter your bloodsteam and help carry out the THC in your urine? And if 6-12oz of water is consumed between each urination to keep hydrated and flowing, wouldn't it speed up the process?

    Or do I just need to read up on some things?
  2. No it won't help. It's not THC they test for. It's metabolites left over that get stored in one's body fat then later secreted.
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  3. He didn't mention a test? maybe it's tolerance "detox" ?
  4. Well then, if THC is alcohol-soluble, then could the metabolites be as well? (Sorry if this sounds completely retarded, definitely not my area of expertise, just posing the question.)

    Either way, it sounds like a rather interesting experiment that I doubt anyone would have a problem finding volunteers for. :D

    "Hey man, you're not gonna believe what they're asking volunteers for down at the University. They want you to smoke pot, and then drink beer and water for 3 days!"
  5. You would have to saturate your body with far more than the lethal dose of ethanol to even hope to 'flush' it out that way.

    Drinking doesn't help pass drug tests. Period :)
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  6. you'd kill yourself drinking trying to prove this "theory".
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  7. I said THC to make things easier, but I see it's led to confusion.

    THC is converted and stored, blah blah blah, we shit out about half, piss out a quarter, and store the rest. COOH THC is alcohol AND water soluble and stored in the fats. Drinking causes your body to begin to flush out the water/intoxicants/alcohol and dehydrate itself, preparing it for more water intake. Alcohol also aids in digestion, thus helping clean out the digestive tract and uhhh, your left overs. After a good alcohol-detox, your body has been pretty much flushed clean of everything it could get out, due to the alcohol. Each time your body purges, there is less and less COOH THC left, thus is it distributed more and more thoughout the body.

    A heavy use, long term smoker takes approx. 30 days to naturally purge his/her body. Drinking a 6 pack every other day for the first week should add a 15-30% increase in urination during that week if kept hydrated properly. A high fiber, low fat diet beginning
    the previous week and continuing until the final purge date should help your body get into the fat burning rhythm it should be in. Yes, alcohol is the primary fuel when consumed and fat burning will slow, but small amounts throughout the day is recommended, along with the high fiber, low fat diet.

    I was not aiming at the notion that alcohol will purge your body by itself, I was leaning more towards an accelerated organic detox method. This will be an interesting experiment and discussion, so I hope many of you can jump right in and help me test this theory out.
  8. Pissing more doesn't speed it up, and heavy drinking actually hampers your metabolism. Heavy drinking could actually hurt one's chances of passing.
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  9. I know. I already explained that. It slows your metabolism because it jumps to the front of the line to be burned as energy, thus storing the fats. That's exactly why I didn't say take a shot every few hours. I said beer in small doses throughout the day, during a high fiber, low fat diet. The recent storage is clean, THC-free fat. Then, once the low proof alcohol is burned, it burns your meals and resorts to your older fat storages; the ones with the COOH THC.

    Do you seriously even read what people say? Or, do you troll around nit-picking at everything anyone says who doesn't have a high enough status? Pissing DOES help speed it up; brush up on your biology. We've learned a lot since the days of tie dye and headbands. I'm tired of seeing you dump on everyone who you don't agree with, even when you aren't correct. I'm sorry, sir, but please do not post in this thread, again.
  10. Um I studied organic chemistry and biology, and yes I read what you said. I was just putting it clearly that in no way does urination speed up the process and that drinking will most likely hurt your chances to pass is all.

    Passive aggressive much? :laughing:

    I'm done arguing about it though. It's a bad idea with no basis in science. Peace out.
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  11. #11 CaliGrown., May 11, 2010
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    Please buy an updated Org.Chem. text book and spend the next few weeks reviewing. The main metabolite they test for is COOH THC, which is a form of THC expelled in urine, feces, and sweat. It is similar in structure to hash, as they are both carboxylated forms of THC. COOH THC tells them if you've been high, not if you are high. One feature of COOH THC is that it is water soluble. This is why you are not able to get high by simply eating THC, but after you give it a nice bake and carboxylate the THC, you can eat a slice and feel the effects. Anyways, thanks for leaving.

    Edit: Some new info I found.

    So has anyone decided they want to try? Was thinkin' about joining the FedEx team or something...

    Off topic, but does anyone work for FedEx/UPS?
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    Dude your right. Your theory may not be spot on, but it is to a degree correct. How do i know? I'm a chemistry student. And I agree with the second part of your post dude, people need to read it correctly before attacking them. Goodluck with this theory dude, Let us know on any developments.
  13. Thanks, bud.

    I know not every piece of my theory is correct, but overall I'm getting there. I've just been trying to figure out how to get the stored fat on the fast track to the incinerator and to get the body to process water faster, since those are the 2 fastest ways to process the COOH THC out of your body.

    I also read that a high fiber diet diverts much of the COOH THC from your kidney to your liver and it's processed in your excrement, rather than your urine, allowing your kidneys to process more, and removing much of the THC from your urine and diverting it out the poop chute.

    Any thoughts on that?
  14. Actually I've passed over 20 drug tests by drinking beer and liquor in excessive amounts. So yes it does help. QCarbo16 does not, cranberry juice does not. Like I said, this is from experience, not what some book some random wrote to make money by selling it to ignorant universities. Majority of the testing done on THC and Marijuana in general are all very narrow and do not include variables making it impossible to give any type of advice on passing a UA.

    12-18 5%+ beers in one night
    1-2 20 OZ Gatorades in the same night casually drank between beers
    a small easy workout that burns your muscles mid session.

    Although I never used heavily prior to these tests, the THC % of what I did smoke was incredibly high, 93-96% THC(honeyoil).
  15. That's a lot of beers. I'm glad it worked for you, but I'll let CaliGrown try it and I won't.
  16. would adding B vitamins to your method potentially help to speed up the metabolism andd maybe help get those COOH TCH molecules to the forefront to be metabolized? Im intrigued at this theroy. i wish i had a lab to test in
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    Hey bud, you have a lab rat here. Here's the deal. I smoke every day, I usually smoke .1 to .3 grams per day. I grind my weed and it goes a long way, expensive grinder does the job well.
    Soooo, anyway. I have a drug test tomorrow through some court bullshitte at a addiction treatment Place. I've done quite a lot in benefit to passing but my guy says I'm going to fail.

    Here's what I've done. It is 4/26 at 1am. I last smoked on 4/23 at 12:30ish am

    -48 hrs clean.
    -I work in a high end kitchen, I stand all day, work my ass off, and wear a hot chef coat. I sweat an insane amount. Like I come home soaked. I've put in 13 hrs in the past 48.
    -Today during my shift I hand squeezed 8 lemons making a tall cup of lemon juice and drank it all over 3 hrs.
    -I got home at 12am and took a sauna shower for 20 mins. Heat on max. Just sat there and relaxed.
    -I'm eating 2 whole big heads of broccoli raw dipping it in light ranch (only a little on one piece) for healthy food
    - I'm drinking a gallon of water with lemon pieces in it over tonight too.
    On a sexual note.- I've had sex twice already today, I dont know if it affects the piss test but I figure I should add this bit in for science.

    -Here's where it becomes revenant to the topic -

    I'm getting fucking hammered tonight.
    Only drinking alcohol, 4 Smirnoff ice and half a bottle of cherry rum.
    I read and kinda put 2 pieces together about alcohol being soluble and actually possibly replacing the in the fat.

    If I pass I get to bypass the addiction treatment bullshit. If I fail I get to come back a month later and do it again. No harm to me on failing.

    I'll keep posted, my appointment is tomorrow at 11am. I'll let everyone know if this self detox torture helps!
  18. After all my efforts I failed my test. I drank 2 gallons of water with lemon slices in it over the past 2 days and still failed. For science. Addiction treatment for weed here I come! .-.

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