New waterpipe - brand unknown & some eyecandy

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  1. No brand/strains are known! love to all :love:

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  2. Looks good, I would've put that strand in the Kief Box and gotten some prime kief. :D
  3. Thanks! yeah I TRY to same keif but it always ends up getting mysteriously smoked... lol
    PS sorry about the sideways pics -_____- I'm still getting used to Ubuntu as my os
  4. No worries, I was able to see them fine. But yeah, I have that issue with using my grinder to collect kief, somehow I'd lose quite a lot of it.

    If you've never tried a kief box though, you should look into it. If you have about an eighth of weed you are willing to break apart, you can get one or two good sized bowls of kief.

    You should make a video ripping it, though. :p
  5. I like the idea of a keif box. is that the same thing as a pollen box/press? I think that ones just to make hash. hmm. Def sounds like a worthwhile investment though!
  6. Todays Pickup: GORGEOUS glittery glass!! haha glass handpipe ftw :smoke:

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