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  1. So I've been lurking for awhile. I used to smoke heavily until k was about..20. Then I stopped. To make long story short I went through a lot of emotional/mental pain and illness for the past 6 years due to traumatic events. I'm tired of all this BS the doctor prescribes me and just stopped taking my meds. I really wanna start smoking again but it seems like I built this wall of anxiety about it in my head. I have anxiety thinking about smoking. Although I've never really had bad paranoia.anyone have any tips for me? I can get sativa around here but I don't think that goes well with me as my mind races and I just GO when I smoke. I just wanna relax and start dealing with my anxiety and what not. So besides the point..

    Anyone else ever stop smoking and put up a mental block only to start smoking again and have it help them tremendously?

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  2. Any purple Kush ! O.G . Purple all will relax your mind & body !
  3. Problem is I can't find specific strains around me. If PA ever legalized MJ I would totally be able to get a script. I'm just gonna need to gettin crafty..

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