New VS. Old 4-piece Sharpstone grinders ?

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  1. I really need some help blades. I have been using my sharpstone grinder that i got over a year ago, for a while now. I just realized that there are some very small flakes of metal in my keif, and i have A lot of keif stored up. I know this is because the ring where the screen is ends up scratching the metal and 'shaves' it off into the keif chamber. I have smoed the keif many times before and am just now seeing this. Theres no easy way to get it out i understand, but i could maybe make qwiso hash and make sure to strain it through a fine mesh filter and a coffee filter as fine as possible to get it all out.

    Anyway, i was wondering if the "new" Sharpstone grinders are any different, i saw a picture and the font on the brand name looks a little different along with the texture and shinyness of the metal on the outside. Is there any difference?

    If not im just going to buy a Space case, or a Mendo mulcher, which i heard were well made.
    Sorry for such a long post but im concerned, and im not sure whether i need to dish out a lot more for a different grinder. Thanks for all helpful replies.
  2. Only grinder I've had is the acrylic deal that comes with the volcano... Works great for my purposes. Before that I just used a sharp chef knife for blunts ;)
  3. you could try to put a magnet over the kief, adn shake it slightly to agitate it. if its a strong enough magnet the metal should stick to the magnet.

  4. wow so simple but i never would have thought of that nice.:hello:
  5. Magnet idea was what I was thinking. Check out a Mendo! I just ordered mine the other day, but have only heard good things.

  6. Isn't it made out of aluminum though?
  7. Yes, Aluminum. I tried a magnet(couldnt find my really strong one but it was a magnet) but then i thought shit this is aluminum.
  8. my bad, wasnt sure what it was made of.
  9. I have a sharpstone with a clear lid (magnifying glass) and I absolutely love it. I got it off ebay for like $20
  10. Can anyone answer my queston of whther the new Sharpstone grinder sare different and wont produce flakes? Or should i assume they are both the same. Im looking at Mendo mulchers right now and they seem pretty nice, the shape is cool because looking at it from the top it is not round. Let me kknow how it is Unforgetable. Or write up a review here!
  11. i used to have a 4 piece sharpstone grinder and i had the same problem except for the metal wound up around the edges and not mixed in with the keif

    i would suggest getting a space case you wont ever need any other grinder
  12. Thanks bro, that was the kind of response i was looking for. I have a large 2 piece space case with Titanium coating that i really like, very heavy and solid. But they are expensive, i might just get a Mulcher.
  13. to be honest i havent heard of that brand before this thread but go with what u feel better.
  14. i had a grinder i bought off amazon that was awesome but it got taken by the cops so i got one of these 4 chamber sharpstone small grinder because i had heard good things about the brand and the price wasnt bad..

    I dont have anything to say but good things... the screen is awesome and pretty strong and collects some nice keif! i would go for it...:smoking::wave:
  15. Uhm did you even read the post? I already have a shitty sharpstone, and at a point i felt the same exact way as you guys did about it, but now that i can see its not as quality as i would like, its not that great.
  16. haha a lavender grinder you must be gay
  17. haha i dindt even know they made that color. Anyway i have that one but in silver. It was 20 bucks and did its job great before i noticed the metal/aluminum shavings.

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