New Vio Kush Grow (PICS)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by edwardvanhalen, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Hey guys this is my Vio kush and bagseed grow.

    The vio kush is the one with the pointy leaves and the bagseeds are the biggest plant and smallest, so the vio kush is in the middle haha.

    I use 85 watt cfl and two 26 watt cfl on the side for more light.
    Im not really focusing on the bagseed, i want the vio kush to turn out nice so i can clone it and keep growing vio kush plants.
    I dont like buying over the net so i figure i will try cloning.

    Here are some pics tell me what you think
  2. Good luck! have a great grow!!
  3. Thanks man. Im looking forward to it cuz i never cloned before. I dont know if i will do it yet.
    If both of the bagseeds end of being female i prolly wont end up cloning but time will tell.
  4. if the 2 seeds come out to be females you wont clone? what would you do clone a male?
  5. no i would just flower and harvest all the plants including the two bagseeds if i dont get any males of course, but if i get a male it would give me extra room to clone the vio kush.
    i dont have a lot of room so i dont know what im going to do yet.
    thanks for the reply, peace
  6. my smallest plant (bagseed) has pointy leaves, i never seen that in a bagseed before (i grew and harvested 3 bagseed plants)

    any opinions, maybe its a seed i got from really good shit
  7. hey guys im gonna upload some new pics soon
    the vio kush looks great, way better than the bagseeds
    ive been contemplating on whether i should grow all 3 plants or get rid of the bagseed and clone the vio kush

    i have a question, in my space that i have, would a 150 watt hps give off more light than an 85 watt cfl and 5 42 watt cfl's (thats what i use for my grow)
    i had success in 4 plants using cfl but im wondering if i can manage the heat with an hps any opinions

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