New vid of my GoR home-made

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by tekk0r, May 31, 2009.

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    I've had this for a while now, but just recently added the glass bowl and downstem.
    Everyone that's given it a try has been very impressed, it's just awesome!
  2. i made one that looks exactly the same out of a clear wine bottle, i use an ash catcher on mine though. It works well i use it whenever im to lazy to set up my store bought percd bong
  3. i don't get the ash catcher use, it would be filtered by the water wouldn't it? i use home made bubbler's and never get any hot feeling or ash from it.
  4. Ash catchers are meant to pre cool/filter the smoke before going to the main chamber and to catch any ash and pieces of bud that fall through.
  5. its not necessary to use the ash catcher i just use it cause i have it. it also keeps my bong clean which saves me a lot of time considering i filled the bottom of my bong with marbles making work better but also making it alot harder to clean
  6. ^^

    Personaly i think it also helps with keeping water clean for multiple sessions so all you clean is the ash cathcer and not the bong
  7. yeaa i have ocd about cleaning glass i hate the smell of it when its dirty
  8. nice piece! looks like its a keeper
  9. Thanks for all the compliments!

    I think I'm going to add an ash-catcher when I finish drilling my next bottle.
    I'd love to have a home-made 100% GoG.

    Just took a look through this thread and wow! I thought I put effort into my stuff, I gotta step up!
  10. Ash catchers are meant to catch ash!

    The cooling an ash catcher does is very minuscule.
  11. homemades are always better, its a feeling of acomplisment when you get to rip out of something youve made.

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