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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Arborist1212, Feb 16, 2009.

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    Just went down to the Kind Connection and picked up the new VaporBrothers Hands Free , in the Dark Coffee color.

    Still trying to name her, any suggestions?

    Edit* Didn't know the pictures were that small, click on them to make them larger.

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  2. niiice.. :smoking:

    im jealous, i have the ugly old wood finish. :(
  3. Beautiful my friend. Bravo! :smoke:
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    I thought it was just black when i bought it, but in low light this thing looks dark red, but in better lighting or very low lighting it just looks black.

    And she draws like a fuckin pencil. I Highly reccomend this for lower-budget buyers who want a sleek, classic look and a superb vaporizing experience.
  5. how much if you don't mind me asking
  6. yea how much was it?? im thinking about going to the same place to get one.
    I think they where like 150$ at OPM
  7. Nice vaporizer,good luck naming her.
  8. They sell the hands free model for 160 off there site, or Vaporwarehouse. I just have the natural color, the dark coffee looks better though
  9. Oh wow, what a feat of engineering hehe. I was very close to buying one not so long ago, but my lack of funds at the moment ......

    I would call it Vaporella lol.
  10. It was $225. Definently overpriced, but the one online won't be in stock for just under 2 weeks. I only paid that because no other vaporbrother's reseller close to me had any in stock.

    So basically the extra money i paid for it was for the convenience of getting it sooner. I'm getting a nice fat tax return though, so i forgive myself.

    I don't regret paying so much, and for the Love of Ganja she's a beauty in every way.
  11. Nice man! I have the exact same one. One word: amazing.

    Ever since I got it, my perception of time has been different. :D
  12. Funny, I even asked the lady when purchasing mine if they had em in black, she didn't know, so I bought the dark coffee and opened it up and was amazed! It was so dark, and under flourecent you can see the wood stained thru.
  13. Cool bro, I have one just like it except its wood grain. I named mine Vaporwood. I paid $180 at a local headshop, But like OP said it was only for convienence considering i didnt want to wait to get mine shipped. I have to admit though, I smoke so much more weed than b4 I got this.
  14. Congrats. I got mine for $160 at a headshop (they pricematched the online price), but it's the wood finish. Attaching the whip mouthpiece to the female joint on my GonG = win.

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