new vape user...which is best (pen) in your opinion?

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    tell me your pick? any tips? I'm new to this and want to be informed..please HELP!!! Read below on more specifics we are looking for please!!  :smoke:

  2. How much are you looking to spend? Vaporizer pens are known to combust, and ideally should be used only for wax and oils. Although with many of them using a screen can fix this issue. If you have at least $90 to invest, I would suggest skipping pens and getting a Magic Flight Launch Box. Either way do not trust the "brand name" pens like snoop dogg's G Pen. 
  3. I agree with the above post, except I would skip the MFLB and get something with a temperature control. Either analog or digital will be fine, and better than squeezing a battery to activate heat.  The MFLB has some kinda of original/nostalgic value to people who've been vaping for a while, but a lot of better options are out there imo, especially for a beginner. An No2 is a much better option. You can put in an extra one or two screens to make it even better at conserving bud than it already is, if that is important to you.
    Avoid knock offs and pens (for herb). Neither will give you a very good vaporizing experience.
    Read vape reviews. Every worthwhile vape has been thoroughly reviewed, often times, by many different people.
  4. No nostalgia for me, size efficientcy, external batteries,lifetime warranty.
  5. The temp control on an MFLB is the speed of draw. Other than that it is probably one of the most common vapes due to its price, portability and stealth. I use my mflb more than ascent or solo, both of which, imo,  way better than the no2. The using screens to minimize amount used is pretty general across many vapes. 
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    Cost is not important.  My hubby always says that you get what you pay for. On an impulse buy, we got Randy's TROO pen (spent $110 on it). It doesn't seem like it works at all. We ground until its like a powder...put as much heat to it as possible....still doesn't seem to be working. So, give me your top 2 (doesn't matter if its a pen or not). Just not looking for a table top. Would like it to be portable. Around the $100-$200 range. Any tips on how to load, or how to grind would also be helpful. If there are any reviews you think we should read, or a critic you think we could trust. This is a have to for my hubby, not just a want to. I love my husband and smoking right now keeps him calm. It's what he enjoys. And not knowing things right now, he needs to enjoy things as much as possible. Oh, any links would be appreciated as well. Thanks in advance. Prayers for "Schmoe" please  :wave:
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    Hey I would recommend checking out the V2 Pro Series 3. It's the only vape pen I've tested to successfully vape dry herbs. I have a video here where I do a demo vaping dry herbs.
    I was pretty medicated during the video so yea :/ If you have any questions about it let me know. They should be coming out with the wax/concentrate cartridge soon. 
    Retails for $94.98 with the added lose-leaf (dry herb) cartridge. 
    With any vape pen you're more than likely going to want a really fine grind. I recommend the MFLB Finishing Grinder. Pack fairly tight and long slow draws should do the trick. 
  8. If price is no issue, the Firefly looks outstanding. Maybe check out the LSV, you need to plug it in but a lot of people have had great success with them.  I own the Davinci Ascent, it's fine, bowl is huge though. The Solo is good for entry level usage, but you will grow out of it. Just in general, avoid pens unless you are using concentrates. 
    That ABV looked like it had some black in it.    Does it, or was it just the lighting?
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    My roommate just bought a PAX and loves it. Variable heat, works with bud or concentrates, and you can play Simon Says on it!
    He told me that it was recommended to him by a budtender who said it was the only one he'd buy. From what I've heard and the tiny bit I've read it seems to be pretty reliable, which is the biggest issue with most vapes.
    Nah lighting faded out towards the end and it was actually still a little green because the battery died on me mid session.
  12. lol "no its not burn there is still green"... obvious burning has happened...
    What temp do you use on the your Pinnacle Pro? I will make a video with both vapes so you can see that not only is it not burning, but the AVB is much lighter in the V2 than the PnP. AVB from my Pax, Ascent and especially the Solo and PnP come out darker than the Series 3. 

    The V2 Series 3 vapes at ~375 degrees Fahrenheit which is far from combustion. 

    I understand it's hard to believe a pen can actually vape dry herbs after all the bullshit we've seen but it truly does work. 
    In the end, if you don't trust me, go read fuckcombustion or check out other trusted dry herb vape reviewers (not e-cig reviewers).
  14. I go highest heat setting every time but I havent used that vape in a while. It only stays around as a back up portable right now.
    I have personally used the vaporizer. It is nothing "hard to believe"... I have seen how it performs with my own two eyes and my own set of lungs. I dont need FC to make my opinions for me, I would prefer to just use my own experiences.
  15. VaporizerWizard go back in the hole you crawled out of and stop making up BS reviews by copying other people. Here's a tip, if you're gonna rip off review videos from others... turn your talk speaking dial down a few hundred notches. Not everyone is on some upper and wants to listen to you speak at the rapid fire crack head speed you do. If you start being original with your content you have a slight chance of going somewhere in the world of affiliate vaporizer selling.
  16. The MFLB, The Hammer, The Arizer Solo, the firewood. Curious, why don't you want a stationary, they almost always work better. 

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