New Vape! Perfect for dorm!

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Wet Horse Lips, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Hey all, coming to you from my resssssidence... so high!


    New vape.

    Bought it for 70 - not the best, but it definitely works, and I got a free gift for "choosing the healthy way"! :smoke:

    This is my baby bubbler... the free gift. You're supposed to stick a joint in it. Whatever, though. :p
  2. looks cool man. tho it is one of those cheapies, a lot of people have success with those kinds . i got a vape about a month ago, i wanted something that would make the investment worthwhile, got the vaporbrothers, thats a fine one too

    either one would work awesome in a dorm i bet.
    happy tooookin:bongin:
  3. Looks nice. Im curious as to what a vape high is like.
  4. It's so serene and relaxing. I looooooove it. SO GOOOOOOD!
  5. I hate those kind of vapes. I love your mini bub though
  6. :D Hope you like it.


  7. That shit will end up burning your weed. Don't buy conduction styled vapes again, you'll see why in due time.
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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, ohhhhhh man... LOL. I wanna rep you but I can't...!

    EDIT: Why, was this a bad idea? I'm living on a budget and this seemed like my cheapest option. I can always get another one, but I don't have a lot of money, so this will have to do.
  9. :D Haha thanks man. I was quite proud of it!

  10. I hope no one starts to use that picture as like a meme or something, LOL.

    I am so not worthy of a meme...
  11. Haha that would be funny. Seeing it pop up in a year or so on a different forum.

    I can remove it if you like man.
  12. Naaaaaaah, its all good man. I laughed so hard, hahahaha.
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    'Cause for less than you spent on this vape, you could have gotten yourself a VaporGenie and for 10 buck more, you could have gotten yourself a LaunchBox. Both better vapes and you could hide either one of them in your pocket.............and, they're portable, so you can take them with you and vape when you're out and about.
  14. Nice choice. If anyone asks about it just says its a lamp lol :smoke:

  15. lol, yeah man. Why would you go out and buy something without looking into it?
  16. I dunno, I guess I just wanted to get high.

    I'll just sell this then and get a new one since it appears I'm not elite if I don't have a quality vaporizer that stacks up to the heightened status quo. Sorry.
  17. Hey, you're getting some good advice here. No need to get all sarcastic about it.
  18. lol you plan on sellin it huh? i'll give ya $5
  19. I'm not directing this at you, since I actually respect you as a GC member.

    I am going to sell this for like $40 or something to a floor mate and then I'll go about seeing if I can get a VaporBros.

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