New Vape and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. What a great way to end a nice 4/20. Had to work, but oh well. Did get paid and picked up my new vape.

    Pretty funny, actually. I was just walking to the headshop, since my town is pretty small and it was nice weather. I went in, bought it, picked up a half oz (not at the headshop). And then proceeded to walk home. About halfway there, a big thunderstorm just rolls in and opens up. I was getting pretty soaked, and out of a nowhere a cop pulls up and offers me a ride back to my place. I was glad to get out the rain and I hopped in...completely forgetting about the half oz. and vaporizer. I tell her where I live and she drives me. Asked me what I had there, and I told her. Didn't seem to bother her. I get out, thanked her, and she drove off...then it hits me that I had been carrying the whole time.

    Got pretty freaked out, but this new vaporizer is kickin' my ass very nicely and making me calm. I've used just about .5 g in the last 20 mins. Best investment ever.

  2. lol I love that movie. Haven't seen it in years.
  3. :eek: :laughing:a cop gave you a ride home..when you had a sac of bud in your you could get home and test out your new vaporizer..:hello: that's good that you feel you made a wise purchase. and, you told the cop you had a vaporizer?
  4. Yea, I live in an EXTREMELY liberal town. Anyone ever been to Asheville, NC? Just like that. I used to live there as well...

    Yea, she could careless. She knows I'm not a lowlife around here. Cause I always see her patrolling her area when I walk to work. So, I assume she knows I work and do my part.

    And I love this vape. If anyone wants an $80 vaporizer just pm for details. Great investment.
  5. asheville kicks ass. i love mountain regions. the environment is so peaceful i dont even mind the hippies.
  6. Asheville did rule. Especially that big festival, Belle Cher.

    You could always get some cheap KB up there.
  7. thats cuz everybody grows. mountain growers are awful friendly.
  8. lol, just now saw that you're from NC. Nice...just moved from there about 8 months ago.

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