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Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by WWTKD, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. I went to 42 Degrees in Ann Arbor the Saturday before 4/20 and received a 20% off card because I wouldn't have cash for the 20th sale but was getting money the 21st. So... I got an 18-20" 7mm thick US Tube and it was easily the best decision I've ever made. Came with a thick ass US Tube 18-14 diffuser and a little ice pinch slide for less than $170!

    Because the droptube is actually 14 I can fit the tube for my Vapolution in it as well. I'll post pictures later today. It hits better than I could imagine and holds 7 ice cubes..
  2. Welcome to the club!! Straight, beaker, bubble? You're gonna absolutely love that ice pinch slide. Oh yeah, and Im still assuming you're smoking out of a shampoo bottle until a pic is posted, peace.
  3. but no pics! tool.
  4. Beaker, and I do love the slide. I have an 18.8 diffuser for my Pure that fits perfectly so I can use all the slides I own as well as my ashcatcher in my US Tube. I have lots of other glass pieces, a vaporizer and multiple bongs but nothing I have is really considered "high end". I'll probably post pics of this and my other pieces in a lil bit.
  5. post that shit dude :hello:
  6. You prefer the pure diffy over the us tubes vented diffy that is already the perfect length?!? Check out the Alex K showerhead diffy, it is widely regarded as the ultimate us tubes beaker diffy. You need a 6" unless you go thru alt as they measure the complete piece (6.25"-6.5"), peace.
  7. Nevermind my post above, I didn't realize you were talking about using 18/18 vs. 18/14, you definitely want both, can't wait to see it, peace.
  8. And here's some pretty nice weed just for the hell of it.

  9. Oh, I definitely love the US tube diffuser, I would like more holes in it though. I'll probably pick up a showerhead with my tax return seeing as they're 40-60 at my shop depending on if it's colored.
  10. Nice pickup. Who hooked you up with the 20% off card at 42? Probably Patti... she's pretty chill. I grabbed a Slim gridded inline and a 15 arm LW yesterday from 42. Best shop in America!

  11. That's better, great pics!
  12. Nice dude you got the US Tube, now time to go clubbin'!

    Have fun
  13. It was a guy with some tattoos, I'm not really sure of his name. I've seen him there a lot though.

    I though it was really nice of him just to give me a filled out frequent buyer card, and now I have 2 more stamps to go until another 20% off!

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