New Upcoming Assassin Creed GAME ( WARNING SPOLIERS!!!!)

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    Ok so Desmond is in a coma, ( bummer) still dont know about the fate of my beloved Lucy aka Kristen Bell (yummy)
    The New game is called Assassin Creed Revelations
    Ezio is in his 50's, and you get to play as Altrair again YAI..
    I pref Altair over ezio...
    and you get to play as Ezio..
    From what I understand, the whole point now is to rebuild Desmonds Mind....

    anyways heres the youtube LINK :
    YouTube - Assassins Creed Revelations HD

    I know, I know many of you think they are rushing it like crazy and it wont be good, not enough content added yadda yadda yadda..

    SO FAR, each new Ubi Creed that came out was improved and better version of the previous
    I think we ( those who played assassin creed since the begging, and didnt start at 2 due to hype) can agree that brotherhood is a world away from the very first AC
    so I for one is gonna keep my hopes up...
    Plus it appears some "Templars" overtook Ubi and dont care much for real fans..all they care about is to release sequels and get MO MONEY, even though they are all pretty fucking loaded so i got not much respect for those jackoffs not that it matters

    Now my mind is racing, spinning of what will happen to the story line, and I wanna know what everyone else think, especially those who obtained and played ac1 ac2 and ac:brotherhood IN THAT ORDER :wave:

    Peace and God bless.
  2. I just got my Game Informer, Revelations is the featured game this month and it might just be the inspiriation I need to finally add AC1 & 2 to my collection.
  3. but what about the real question that everyone wants to know is what happened to that nice piece of ass desmond was tailling.
  4. They're planning 5 games total, right? Or was it just 4
  5. a lot of questions that plagued fans from previous cliffhangers are supposedly going to be addressed in this game ...
    you know ima preorder this fucker as soon as possible ..

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