New (untested) Hash Oil Making Methods

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  1. Hello folks,

    I have some new methods that I came up with in my head, unfortunately I have no money to spend on weed for the time being (at least not enough to be able to experiment). So I figured I would post them here and let you guys try them if you want.

    Here we go!

    Method 1 - Recrystallized Hash

    1. Soak Cannabis in Isopropanol (99%) in a Jar
    2. Filter the resulting liquid mixture through a fine coffee filter, the finer the better, into a container with a lid, another jar maybe.
    3. Put the lid on the container!
    4. Place the container into an ice bath
    5. Hopefully the Cannabinoids will recrystallize out of the isopropanol.

    Method 2 - Emulsion Hash

    1. Soak Cannabis in Isopropanol (99%) in a jar
    2. Obtain a container that is at least 3x the volume of the isopropanol you used.
    3. Fill the container with water, 2x the volume of isopropanol you used
    4. Add table salt, 1/10 the volume of the water you used
    5. Filter the cannabis/isopropanol mixture into the container with the salt water
    6. Let sit until a clear separation has formed, if nothing happens, add more salt and wait, the top layer that forms will contain cannabinoids

    i.e. Use 100mL of isopropanol, 200mL of water, 20mL of salt, and a 500mL container

    Method 3 - Water Cured Hash

    1. Water cure your Cannabis, use warm/hot water as it will dissolve things better
    2. After water curing and drying, soak the cannabis in isopropanol (99%) in a jar
    3. Filter the mixture through a fine coffee filter into a container
    4. Use a double boiler system to distill off the isopropanol, leaving you with your water cured iso hash.

    You could potentially water cure the Cannabis first for both Method 1 and 2 as well, it would increase the purity (if they work) as a lot of the polar compounds would have already been removed during the water curing.

    Again, I haven't tested these methods, I don't know if they work, I just brainstormed them, if I had the money I would try them. Method 3 will definitely work, it is the same as a regular QWISO, it has just been "precleaned" with the water curing, so your product should be more pure.

    Be sure to use the highest purity alcohol you can (99% or 95%), here in Canada you can go to Shoppers Drug Mart and get Life brand Isopropanol 99% for $4.50

    Let me know what you guys think of these methods, I am not a chemist (yet), if there are any chemists out here who can refute my methods, by all means do so, so we can all learn.

    Also, Grasscity admins, you really do need to add a new section for "Cannabis Chemistry"
  2. In your first method, are you assuming that the contern of the trichombs have dissolved to flow throgh the filter, and the cold would "gel" them? Are you assuming room temp trim and ISO and no agitation?

    Can you expand further, tems and times, and I will give it a test!
  3. In the first method I am assuming that the cannabinoids have dissolved into the alcohol, and can flow through the filter (a paper filter). Then yes, the cold would pull them out of the alcohol and turn them into a solid. The alcohol should be at least room temp if not warmer for better dissolution, and agitation would be a good thing.

    Recrystallization is a method in chemistry used for the purification of compounds. Essentially, it is a method where you find a solvent where the compounds you want do not dissolve into it very well when it is cold, but do dissolve into it well when it is warm/hot, whereas the impurities dissolve into it all the time.

    You need to use the highest concentration alcohol as possible, 99% if you can get it, but no lower than 95%

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