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  1. I transcend the fabric of both time and space
    Regress ya with my powers to the Mongoloid race
    To a much lower place of knowledge base
    Liability case, like a locked up basket case

    My words are like addin fuel to the fuckin fire
    Like intangible conductor wire, somethin ya desire
    See ya couldn’t even hope to immitate, sublimate, venerate
    Just generate hate, cuz ya can’t alleviate

    My only goal, to overthrow military control
    Ill fight with all I got, body and soul
    I wont show self control, fuck no, ill play my role
    Bitch, ill turn ya into a fuckin arthritic mole

    My words bring tears to powering oppressors
    Im the aggressor, I kill their lines, no successors
    Like a taxassesors I apply painful pressure
    The lyrics I spit couldn’t be any fresher

    my profetic electromagnetic anestetic
    unsympathetic genetics are hardly apologetic
    my phonetics cause kenetic prostetics
    you can do that shit when your a poetic apathetic

    not to say that im the second commin, but damn
    my egos bigger the whole enron scam
    BAM! i think im gunna need an oral exam
    bangin more than died in the forest of (viet) nam

    blinded by a blanket of replete deceit
    here to delete and make incomplete wall street elite
    unable to defeat, better retreat
    im here till the end, no ejection seat

    Now ya can see the messin with me aint so bright
    cuz nobodys got a preemptive right to kill tonight
    if poppin a bitch gets me 10 in the can
    poppin 10 million should get you life, same with the klan
  2. damn man that is fresh. Your style is similar to Immortal technique, which is def. good. I really admire how you can keep a verse together and say what you need to say without getting sidetracked. Keep it up! Update us soon with some more flows,

    Ps. Do you have any beats to match those lyrics?
  3. holy fuck dude thats amazing reminds me of necro personallly
  4. It does sound like Immortal Technique and Cage. I don't see how you got Necro out of that. Lol.

    Record some and let us hear.

  5. funny you guys should compare me, i have some of his instumentals...that flow is going to be layed over...his song, point of no return...and yes i do have some stuff online, although none of it is good, thier all from when i first started out...with friends and stuff

    the oedipus song was a song done for an english class about the story al ong time ago...the drunk track was just that, im the last person featured on it
    the rest are my friends stuff that theyve done, ive got like 3 tracks pending for complettion at the moment, when they are done ill post em

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