new UK anti-cannabis advert.

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  1. hey folks.

    was downstairs when this popped on the screen..
    pissed me of a little how over exaggerated it is!
    .. just... christ, its annoying. :mad:

    like, who actually laughs like the one titled 'giggles'
    and the one titled 'happy' looks like hes having some sort of fit.

    just thought id share, if you get anti cannabis adverts where you live, feel free to post em up!

  2. Haha, yeah but you have to admit for what the advert is advertising its doing a good job.

    Cause it is gonna take time, and time is SLOOOOWW!!, and its a snail. i totally got it, and im baked as a biscuit haha
  3. I just think here in the uk they have nothing better to waste tax payers money on then adverts which have false information. Iv not seen any adverts on my tv but if i do i will post them.

    Thanks for sharing
  4. Where's the belligerent neighbor "alcohol" that comes over to pick a fight? :rolleyes:
  5. I now officialy HATE this advert, it's made my mum go on a kind of anti weed campaign herself against me. She keeps saying "have you seen that new advert, it shows you about all the mental problems smoking weed causes" and now she keeps telling me these bullshit storys about people she apparently knows who now have permenant memory problems and basicly psycosis from smoking weed. I think the fact decriminalisation is happening all around the world is making our government nervous, we're not hearing anything in the papers about all the new mmj laws being passed and decriminalisation in much of America. I think the British government knows that the legalisation movement is gathering speed quickly and are trying to slow it down with making the ignorant even more ignorant with ads like this.
  6. Annnnd you totally missed the actual advertisement

  7. Tell her:

    They're the government. Cannabis is illegal. They are pretty much bound by today's government standards to demonize what is illegal.
  8. Ask ya mum to read a book called medical marijuana i got it off of amazon and it helps people understand the myths of marijuana as well as tell you about the benefits of marijuana.

  9. Haha, yeaaa, I was wondering if anyone else caught that.

    But, as to the advert, yea, it's bullshit but, the message, that cannabis can cause problems in the undeveloped brain of adolescents, I agree with. Where it fails is in implying that those dangers are the same for everyone, no matter their age. If the person in the advert looked younger than 18 and they made it clear it's talking about adolescents I would say, alright, kind of an appeal to fear, but at least it has the right idea. But since the guy looks like he could be in his 20's, this advert is simply misinformation.
  10. The funny thing about reading things like "The government campaign, seen here, tackles the false perception amongst some people that it is a safe drug." is that the ONLY sources that ever say it isn't safe are these anti-drug ads.
  11. dont like the end. mary j has diff effects on everyone etc everyone knows

    dr chill was funny tho
  12. You know to be perfectly honest, it is actually one of the smartest anti-cannabis ads I've ever seen. Like any other drug or medication, THC has side effects. Paranoia, anxiety, and panic attacks are all the major ones that are extremely unpleasant if anyone has ever experienced them. It can happen to any toker. They are basically taking the bad side of cannabis and trying to use it to discourage its use. All drugs have side effects, but that's no reason to keep it illegal. Many legal drugs right now have farrrrr worse side effects. Looking at it from a cost-benefit perspective, more harm will always be done from prohibition than legalization.
  13. "The more you mess with cannabis, the more cannabis mess with your mind." That just sounded funny.

    And I agree AliceDee. You are right, everything they mentioned there does happen to people, but I think they exaggerated the side effects just a little. In any case, those incidents happen rarely and many of them would probably go away if cannabis was legal (many people get paranoid because they fear getting caught or arrested, panic attacks for the same reason). Keep in mind that this drug they criminalize so much is what is going to save their lives in the near future. It's the worst kind of irony.
  14. they make these stupid ads about weed but you never see anyadds about alcohol. My Dad almost died from drinking a few times. Hes stated many times that it runined his life. Hes not the only one to tell me this. I have never met anyone who said weed ruined there life so wheres the anti drinking ads?

    Im allowed to go to the store and buy something that can kill me, make me beat my wife, crash a car, blackout. But i cant go to the store and buy a some dried flowers of a plant that does none of the above and leaves me feeling fine after it wares off. People are so ignorant.

  15. like if you were paranoid about cops ? so no cops no paranoia

  16. Well, if it were legal with no restrictions as to smoking in public, I would be one relaxed mother fucker walkin down the street smoking a bowl.

    Personally, if it were legal I think that's how it would be, but it isn't something you bring up in a legalization argument.

  17. your right man..
    i think ive only ever seen one anti alcohol commerical.
    and thats the one when that lads trying to fly from that scaffolding haha.
    what else annoyed me is theres recently been more adverts promoting alcohol here in the UK..

    its messed up.
  18. The funny thing about anti-alcohol ads, here in the UK anyways, is that they are clearly made to show the dangers for underage drinkers ONLY. For example, you see an ad where in the background there's a young girl sitting in the bathroom crying, and in the foreground you have a pregnancy test showing positive and a caption "Didn't think alcohol could do this to your child." Another one I saw is of a young kid in the emergency room, with a bloody and beat up face, with the same caption. Thing is though, that with alcohol, the risk of an unwanted pregnancy or a pointless fight (or whatever that ad was trying to convey) or any other side effect is still the same with adults. That's just what alcohol does to you, no matter what age you are. Where as in this ad, and marijuana in general I guess, the legitimate dangers of smoking marijuana are only true for underage users but the ad implies they are true for everyone.
    Kind of a funny way that flips huh?
    Kind of makes it clear which drug should be legal.
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    I have had paranoia about cops, but usually its about me feeling like I cant breathe, the vast majority of the time. I choose not to smoke in areas where I will likely get caught. Why take the unnecessary risk? I still worry about driving with it, but other than that Im mostly ok. I cant be absolutely safe when I smoke weed, but I can minimize risk by not driving around with a pipe in my mouth as im driving or parking in the middle of nowhere at 2 am with a cop driving up wondering why I am there. I have had fun though smoking weed/being high while an anti weed ad was on, because it is so stupid. And yeah that laughing was so stupid, you only laugh like that sober. You would think they would at least talk to former stoners or something when they made these ads. They are just as stupid here in America. They had one with a talking dog making me think: That must be really good shit if your dog is talking to you :D. The ad campaign here is called "above the influence," to which my uncle (who smokes) and one of my friends said, "wow you gotta be really high to be so high you are above the influence!"

    Oh yeah, and another stupid thing about these ads is alot of the "horrible things that happenned last night from smoking weed" are things that are more alcohol related.
  20. Oh my god, cannabis activates emotions! It mmust be stopped now. *facepalm!...facepalm!*

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