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    This is a link to a video where Berner shows off his new concentrate, he claims it is solvent less and it doesn't look like ice hash also 80% THC, thats on some BHO levels so if anyone knows what this is and i seriously can't find it on the internet please tell me.
    40 seconds in he shows it off

  2. I'm sold! Lol as long as it taste good!

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    Has anyone ever tried The Herbsmith Essence solventless? From what I was told they don't use synthetic terps(or w.e you would call it, a man-made terp profile with natural terps) like some of the other solventless oils. I've had three different strains from them and they're super terpy and have a really stoney high, even the sativa which was jack herer. It's similar to the consistency of honey, great clarity, and leaves no residue. I was able to turn my nail down about 40 degrees because it vaped off much easier than typical dewaxed shatter.
  4. I just looked up the herb smith but it looks like that other brand "clear concentrates" also i'm thinking maybe the wax in the burner video is just frozen to look and handle better?
  5. I have never seen a solvent-less that is solid like he showed(not counting ice wax). All the solvent-less extracts I know of Pure Gold and Clear concentrates are both runny as fuck. Honey is a good way to describe it. I do believe Pure Gold claims its cannabanoids test into the 80% but a dab of that stuff isn't as good as a dab of some primo shatter so IDK.
  6. Very interested in trying this out. A local dispensary has these available in half grams for $30. I'm gonna grab some and report back.

    I've been smoking King Concepts Tahoe OG Shatter for the last week or so, but ain't feeling it. It gets me high, but not mind expansion high. Just a narcotic knock you out tired drag. Thinking I need something different.
  7. I think the most important think to remember when watching Berner's videos is that he's paid to show off all of the products he does on his feeds. From what I've heard it runs anywhere from 1-10k to get a mention or a showoff on one of his videos or posts depending on where and how much.
  8. Well I picked some of the Herbsmith Essence Tahoe OG oil. I grabbed a half gram for $25. I didn't want to spend the money for a gram and be disappointed. It's supposedly 80% THC and it certainly feels like it!

    This stuff is really nice. I get a nice thick immediate indica buzz. It's smells and tastes great. Lemony, piney flavor. It's best dabbed on a nail. Doesn't really work on pens. I tried using it on a Source Orb with dual ceramic titanium coils. It burns too quickly before it can generate any smoke/vapor. Best to dab with it. It's a gooey, honey like amber gold oil. Small dabs will do the trick for experienced smokers like me with high tolerances.
  9. So how is it made then? Just really high quality bubble hash?
  10. lol no it starts as a solvent extract but after being put through vacuum distillation, the solvent is no longer chemically bonded to the extract and shows up ND in tests.
    Its not really solventless, more like solvent-free ;)
  11. As jimmy said the concentrate itself was not extracted without solvents it is just refined to a point where none of the solvent remains

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