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Discussion in 'General' started by skatealex2, Sep 16, 2009.

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    other than true blood there hasn't really been any good shows in a while.

    i don't really like tv but it's always nice after a day of college to blaze and have a new episode of a good show to watch.

    looking forward to breaking bad, lost, futurama, and there's probably more i'm forgetting :bongin:

    What shows are you looking forward to this year?

  2. It's all about Backyard Sluts Season 8, baby!

    It's gonna be a good year!
  3. Lost is really the only show that I follow closely.
  4. Areola 51, the Da Vinchi co-ed???
  5. I hope some good shit goes down from Lost during the last season

  6. Breaking Bad I can't wait for.
    I haven't even been watching Weeds because of how bad it got.
    New Dexter soon. I guess I'll probably watch that.
    Californication I am unsure about.

    I think that's about it. Haven't been scouting the new shows really. I'm still kind of hurt that Pushing Daisies and especially The Riches got canceled. :-(
  7. Californication has gotten pretty week, but i like duchovny's work(old x-files fan)- he's funny when the show doesn't get sappy .

    Dexter should be solid .....

    most of bryan fuller's shows have gotten cancelled . wtf

  8. WTF!!! I hope that isn't true. How the fuck did sons of anarchy get renewed but the riches cancelled.... What!!?
  9. The Riches was quietly killed during the writer's strike. I was livid. It was one of the best shows on when it was running. Probably like 4 or 5 for me.
    Eddie Izzard being awesome. Great supporting characters. Was amazing at walking the line between absurd and believable. And of course my love for Minnie Driver really helped. :p
  10. i gotta say im psyched about family guy, simpsons new love my cartoons when im high:smoke:
  11. the jay leno show was alright
    new daily show
    SNL new season I wonder if it'll be any good

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