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  1. just got a new tube the other day from a local headshop. it's a 24" 14mm with a single perc. the perc is a different design, i'm sure it's easier to make them like this and it's certainly easier to clean. hit's incredibly smooth with the snapper bowl, the clear bowl that came with it is too big for daily use.

    this is the first glass on glass piece i've bought so i'm excited to hang an ash catcher off it.

    thanks for looking

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  2. That is sweet. Simple but looks amazing.
  3. thanks, in hindsite there was a double perc with a rasta logo that i should have gotten. it wasn't that much more $$. i clean my pipes a lot though so wanted something easy to clean. i'll pick up a diffused downstem and an ashcatcher here in the next couple weeks.

    this is my first nice bong and it was well worth the money.
  4. how muchd u pay?
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    $185. $15 for the snapper bowl.
  6. what do you use to clean the dome perc? my gong piece is similar to yours w/ a dome perc.. and i get bad residue build up in the top of the dome. hard to get the iso/salt mix inside the dome to get it clean.
  7. i use iso and sea salt. sea salt tends to be larger grain, i think it cleans better. i don't let it get that dirty either so that makes it easy.

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