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    Hey GC! Back with my second MOmo Glassworks pickup, the "Daily Driver"!

    Check out the pics, and I'll give a review after :)


    So... I got this tube because I recently became a huge fan of MOmo glass. He makes some awesome models that diffuse and stack very well! (and he has the circulator perc on lock, for sure). Awesome price range for the quality of glass, and thickness (no model under 5mm) and every model he has is truly unique in their function. (checkem out on 'igniteme' for reviews if ya want)

    And......this tube did not let me down.:hello:
    reinforced 24-slit fixed circ, single ice pinch, 14mm slide

    I only wish it was 18mm (like all of MOmo's other models) but nothing an adapter can't fix :)

    Credits to the seller Galaxy Glass Market as well!! Awesome service!! and thank jebus for UPS service availability, hah.

    PS-(the water is distorting the image of the circ, i can post a dry pic later)
  2. Did that sticker come on it?..
  3. lol, it's a label my friend. the MOmo glassworks label.
  4. Cool looking tube man very unique. Does he throw that big of a label on all of his tubes though?
  5. well, smaller sizes, but the ratio tends to be similar

  6. [​IMG]

    looks nice =)
  7. Not sure about that tube with wiggled joint area but tue bub looks amazing! Id hit that~

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