New tube!!! Triple perc'd!!!

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    cost: 140 out the door

    the glass is actually pretty thick. held a lot of flimsy tubes, its not thin....:cool:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Picture 244[/ame]
  2. nice bong man! looks incredibly smooth
  3. That is really really nice especially for that price SUPER SWEET PICK UP

    EDIT- get rid of the white lighter, bad luck
  4. Nice tube, nice hit, nice video and nice pants. +rep :smoke:
  5. Nice tube dude, nice pants too, theeeiir grrreeat!
    (frosted flakes reference)
  6. very nice tube nice indian poncho thing i dig those i have a bag kinda like that and btw lose the white lighter dude its bad luck man wouldnt want you to break that piece of art
  7. Nice tube mang, Im diggin the pants as well.
  8. Damn son, how stoned are you in this vid? Fucking sweet price on that no name tube. She looks like she rips real smooth!
  9. Don't believe in that white lighter shit lol. Love the way you dress(no homo) haha, looks COMFY as fuckkk :D Damn what a lovely tube!
  10. lol got the pants at the rainbow gathering.... traded 2 thizzles for em, best trade i ever made.... they ARE comfy as fuck:D

    find me at rainbow next summer, give me a good trade:p
  11. looks like a real nice piece of glass you've got! And your pants are sick haha
  12. Nice tube! My friend's tube looks almost exactly the same, tripple perc'd and all. Well looks real nice and hits like a champ :smoking:
  13. very nice tube man, i've never hit a triple perc. i hit a low quality double perc and it had quite a bit of drag
  14. while i wouldnt say that that tube is heady, in any way, shape or form, it looks like a killer deal for $140. i have to get myself a baja sweater as well.
  15. Haha idk why but this video made me crack the fuck up. Your trying to justify why you made a video of your bong lol. We all understand that. Who doesnt feel like a kid on christmas with a new piece?:D
    but anyways nice deal on that
  16. No shit..
  17. Very nice. Where'd you score that?
  18. head shop in stockton
  19. Im diggin those pants!!!!!!

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