New Tube! It was Free!!!

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  1. Just got back from picking up my new tube. A buddy from work moved out of his apartment and I guess didn't feel like taking his bong with him. So I was afraid to say that I would take it. He said it had a peculator but I think he got it mistaken by a splash guard. Anyway it was free so I'm not complaining. He wanted to keep the slide that came with it so I gotta get a new one. But anyway enough typing how about some pictures.

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  2. thats a dome perc......
  3. It's got a perc and nice tube dude.
  4. sick man, clean her up
  5. definitely a sick tube especially for the price. clean that shit immediatley tho, it looks fuckin gross
  6. clean that thing, i wouldnt touch that for fear of getting hepititis.LOL
    But its a whole other story when its clean.
    Anyway nice pickup for free but before you smoke out of it make sure you clean it with some iso and salt.
    Looks like an OK tube too so have fun with it
  7. Dome perc? Well right on then. Thanks man.

    Yeah, For sure. I'm gonna go pick up some Grunge Off when I got get a slide for her. I was just anxious to post her up.
  8. Your wasting your $ on grunge off
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    Get a few bottles of rubbing alcohol, it's cheap shit, and a few containers of rock salt, best cleaner there is.

    Amazing for the price... But in it's current state, that's fucking gross, I dunno how he could even hit that. *edit* oooh, that's blue glass... still, when even the perc is that dirty, it's pretty nasty.
  10. Yeah seriously just head to Walmart, pick up a liter of 91% isopropyl alcohol for $2 and a jug of salt for $1, works just as good and way cheaper.

    *edit* and yeah sick bong, I think it'll look better once you get 'er cleaned up, but I bet it'll hit like a champ!
  11. Can't beat the price man, toke up!
  12. Lucky guy! Enjoy it.
  13. ..what? how?
  14. Because you can get the same cleaning power with a bottle of rubbing alcohol & some coarse salt but for a much lower price.
  15. You can't get the same cleaning power from rubbing alcohol and salt (be it rock, epsom, or table).. which is why people recommend overnight soaks in GO for deep cleaning.

    But for most bong cleanings, rubbing alcohol + salt will clean fine. The difference is, using GO is significantly easier. Let it sit in there for awhile, then take it out. Done. No shaking, no chance of breaking.

    Not to mention GO is reuseable. Reuseable in the sense that it doesn't lose any cleaning power after being reused.. with rubbing alcohol + salt, you can reuse it, but it won't clean as good.

    Also, GO isn't expensive at all. ~$20ish for 2 bottles? That's a damn good price. My bottle of 99% rubbing alcohol was about $3, but I can guarantee I'll go through 3-4 bottles before I go through 1 bottle of GO.. at least.

    Don't get me wrong, if you choose to just stick with rubbing alcohol theres nothing wrong with that. But using GO definitely has benefits, and is by no means a waste.

  16. Yes works like a charm + hot water is better than anything.

    And ya thats a perc, fill it up about 1-2 CM above the top of the slits. I like the twisted ice catcher too, way to go on the free pick up :hello:
  17. Thanks all. I will be cleaning it today and post some before and after pics.
  18. Can't beat a piece like that for free. Waiting updated pics.
  19. Well the updated pics are up!

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  20. Beautiful man. Have fun and happy toking

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