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    Got this tube on 4/20. Made by a local glassblower. Two 6 arm percs. 7mm glass. Ash catcher.. one nice smooth hit :cool:





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    That 3rd shot is tight.

    Nice pick up, location?
  3. nice bong. how much did it run you?
  4. Ontario Canada

    $180 on special with cash. Regular 225 plus taxes.
  5. a steal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice bong dude.
  6. thanks! I <3 4/20 Specials! :p
  7. could you tell me which store, I'm in southern ontario and looking for some HOSS glass, reason I joined the site. Can't find much as far as images or anything online except for a promo vid on youtube.

    your piece is sick, Id like something similar but preferably with a beaker bottom.

    also, check my blog for good hiphop updated daily with lots of canadian content.
    Casualties Of A Dice Game
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  8. what did u say when u had the cash with you to get a deal like that?
  9. Sick deal. That piece looks really, really nice, and I'm not usually a fan of tubes with so many chambers but damn, and for 180?!
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  10. thats a sick ass bong man!

    does anyone know how i can contact these guys? i cant find anywhere online to buy this glass or contact fireitup which is the hs i believe they blow it at..

    [ame=]YouTube - Hoss Triple Inline to 8 Arm Perc (#YO46)[/ame]

    im in love with this inline
  11. ^ those joints/welds look kinda weak
  12. Gotta love Ontario :D, I live in London Myself, never seen any of these HOSS tubes though, maybe they're not in london :p.

    Woulda been ballin if it was "HOFF" glass haha like David Hasselhoff, Germans would love that shit;) haha

    Holy buckets! If I ever see one of those HOSS inlines Im getting the black one! Thats so ill!
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  13. thats a tidal wave of an inline. im really liking it.
  14. still looking
  15. that one picture is perfect..Green Ashcatcher..MilkShot..and Xbox 360 all blends into one visual of pure entertainment.
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    I just seen this thread, my apologies for the late response.

    I got it in a store called Light'em Up by McMaster University in west Hamilton... The girl said She orders directly from him in person. He used to blow for THC in dowtown Toronto apparently. The store has some great pieces from this guy, but no inlines. I'm sure it can be requested though....

    Hoss is made in Waterloo*, Ontario, btw.

    *corrected by qu0mist*
  17. On the contrary. All of them are secured in place to the middle of the perc. The glass is 7mm and is quality.
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    I got in contact with Hoss. They are based in Waterloo. I'm going to make a drive out there this week to check out the shop they sell out of.

    LMK if anyone wants me to look out for anything.
  19. love that toooob =] videeoo?
  20. [ame=]YouTube - 4.20 Milky hits[/ame]

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