New tube from SSFG *pics inside*

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    Hey blades,

    Just got in the mail my new SSFG 8" mini-beaker!!!:yay:

    I ordered it Monday on etsy for $40 plus shipping, came with a diffused stem, sliden with verrrrry tiny bowl, just a one hitter (I'll have to go to the lhs to get a new slide for it)...and it is a little champ...I got it mostly for vapor bongin and I have only vaped one and smoked one pack through this lil guy and I am nice and lifted....without further delay, the beaker (and maybe a vapor-milk shot with the VB:wave:)

    The setup: Imageshack - 1000004u.jpg

    The tube: Imageshack - 1000006c.jpg

    The very tiny bowl: Imageshack - 1000007gt.jpg

    Ice Pinches(kinda misshapen but i kinda like it) Imageshack - 1000009h.jpg

    annnnd the skim milk (vapor bong milk so not quite as thick:hello:) Imageshack - 1000010e.jpg

    Hope you guys like let me know what you think!
  2. Great tube for the price, that's wat it looks like. Good job bro keep it stonnie:smoke:

  3. thanks:smoke: yea i thought he price was awesome too, the joints supper thicck and the free k clip thrown in is awesome too :smoke:
  4. Went to the lhs today, but for the most basic, crappy slide they wanteed 30 so I'll have to head to philly this week for the new slide...until then i'll be snappin a lot of one hitters :smoke:
  5. boo for the SSFG getting no loveeeeee...

  6. it looks sweet man, i love how cheap you can get their worked beaker bottoms.

  7. Yea the prices are crazy awesome for quality glass and it is perfect for vapor bongin I have been real happy withit...Pickin up an o of dank tonight for 375 so should be a good night :smoke:

  8. wow thats a sick looking little piece. Can you pm me the site you bought that from? I've been looking for a nice mini bong for awhile and every one i see is glass on rubber

  9. Check your inbox:wave:
  10. Nice lookin glass. I need a mini.
  11. I seriously cannot wait until i get mine now! im so jealous that you already have yours haha. god i hate waiting for new glass :/
    and sick setup. btw what vape are you using?

  12. i knoww im the same way man! i ordered mine last monday and it got here saturday the same week though he ships fast buut its an awesome mini beaker...and that would be my vaporbros hands free darkk coffee vape:) with glass bong adapter :bongin:

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