New tube- Circ vs Tree?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by jbudz, May 12, 2010.

  1. hey guys pretty much i'm stuck between whether to get a tube with a circ or a tree perc. I plan to get an ITZA mini but i can't decide whether to get the circ or reflector. I wanted the circ to 8 arm but it just costs a little too much. So generally speaking which type of perc diffuses better, tree percs or circ percs? I want a fast clear and a little bit of chug but the most important thing is diffusion for me, i want a nice smooth hit. I understand it's alot about opinion too which type of perc one prefers but i am asking which diffuses better and provides a smoother hit.
  2. i'd go circ if you're looking for the most diffusion possible.

    i'm going 13/7 however because i don't want it TOO airy but i also want some chug and solid diffusion. the triple straight has too many chambers of water, i'd rather have two chambers w/ more arms then less arms and 3 chambers. however, in a 2 chamber for the best diffusion would be circ imo.
  3. yea i really wanted a circ but i could also get a good deal on a 5-8 arm. I'd be paying 50 more for a circ to 10 arm but idk if that's worth it. And these two are both out of my price range so i'd probably jsut get an ITZA mini circ (would you say circs have an airy hit? b/c i do like a little chug) But i can get a 5-8 itza for 300 and a circ to 10 arm VG for 350. Or the ITZA mini for around 250-300. Whcih would you say is the best deal
  4. oh yea also could get a syn mini showercap for around 250.
  5. circs are a glorious thing. If you got $300 whats $50 more? Go for the circ.
  6. email me pictures. i like itza but personally going toro for their reinforced arms and retiring the roor triple straight.

    i'd want a circ - circ or circ - tree if i was you and described your previous posts.
  7. go with the circ. circs are not only better for diffusion but also look a lot sicker. and if you can get a disc ashcatcher with it then ur set

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