New Trend of Autoflower?

Discussion in 'General' started by The_genius, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. I've been hanging out in the grow forums lately and I've noticed this MASSIVE surge of people growing autoflowers. I'm like WOW! It seems more and more people are starting these super inexpensive, substantial grows that last the personal smoker between grow periods with some mighty fine bud that requires minimal space and light to really put out.

    I'm like wow! it seems that these micro growers may become mini masters as this new autoflowering revolution takes off. I mean, have you seen the crosses for these strains!? I'm like WOW! I mean there are some sativa crosses that are just phenominal. It defies the laws of sativa...

    Anybody else care to discuss?
    The Genius
  2. They're good in areas with ditch weed. You can squeeze in a couple of harvests before the hemp releases it's pollen.
  3. Alabama has no ditch weed. If even the slightest sight of marijuana is caught by a's a dead plant. But I've seen guys growing these new autoflowers just about anywhere. Little cabinets made for growing, large grow rooms in a SOG (Except from seed instead of clones), I even have a friend growing right now on a window sill, and the plant is just freakin' beautiful. I DO forsee the "Grow your own" idea becoming a reality for a LOT of smokers because these little plants do well just about anywhere! I've never grown an autoflower, but would love to, if I can ever afford/get my hands on some seeds!! :smoke:

    The Genius
  4. I played around with these probally 6 yrs. ago. They do work, and yes they have some good crosses. You can't clone these , by seed only. I made some female only seeds for myself. I did a cross from Hogger39@ big bud. That was my best. I finally grow the auto out of it and I had a strain of the Hogger39 that had a taste of its own. Someone stole everything.My seed plants (3 of them) and my stash. I did almost cry!!! 7 yrs down the drain!!!

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